Hondo, is it fair to say that this game is a must win for Dantonio. To really convince our fan base that he can take us to the next level? Ryan G. Hillsdale

I hope this is a joke, because if it isn’t, you are pathetic. If Mark Dantonio hasn’t convinced you by now that he can take you to the next level (where he already has you at) and if you aren’t convinced, you are either blind, ignorant, both, or a troll from another school. I apologize to the blind because they could listen on the radio and get this, and I also offer sincere apologies to the ignorant who think I just insulted them.


Hondo, you said that you didn’t think Malik McDowell would play and I noticed in the videos Coach D hedged his bet all camp when you asked. Could you tell us why you felt that way, and it seemed like he was unsure as well. Chris Kassidy

I did Chris. I was concerned about his health and if he would be able to get in shape because of some health issues. Never a doubt on his talent, but it was health related and how that would impact conditioning.  I know as late as the Friday they broke camp it was still a concern.  Great to see him out there.


Hondo I was watching ESPN talk about the MSU vs. Oregon game. The gentleman mentioned how MSU has only three days to prepare for Oregon and that put MSU at a disadvantage. I don’t understand that. Can you please explain? Penny Martin

Sure I can. Traditionally in a regular week a team only practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is only a walk thru in shorts and a travel day. I saw that same thing so I can explain this one easily. The host assumed (PLEASE WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE) that MSU would not be prepared coming of a game last week. What he didn’t know or bother to look at was that MSU scheduled a team that runs a similar offense and since his job is not to cover MSU daily, is that the Spartans started doing Oregon prep in the spring. It was a harmless statement made out of ignorance and at the same time trying to sound authoritative.


Hondo, I was offended that you used a photo shop of our players over a real picture of the Duck Dynasty TV show. Those people murder animals, are homophobic and are a disgrace to our nation let alone our Spartan way. Karen

I am offended that you are offended, so since my offense was later than yours in today’s victim society, I overrule your offense with mine. Merry Christmas.


Hondo, what is the biggest question in your mind about this football game? Steve Thomas

Hi Steve. Can the Oregon offense outscore the MSU offense? I don’t think so AS LONG as MSU comes out on offense with their foot on the gas. That doesn’t mean throwing 100 times, it just means being aggressive.


Hondo, I live here in Oregon and just wanted to drop a note. It has been fun hearing you on the radio out here and I appreciate the respect you show the Ducks. Both programs are truly great representatives of their Universities and despite the outcome it will be good for college football. Brian

I want everyone healthy and a great ball game Brian. Ducks fans have a lot to be proud of, not the least of which is a great QB who by all accounts is an even better person. Thanks for the kind words.


Hondo, I watched Riley Bullough close the other night and he played great. The amazing thing to me is that Ed Davis played at a marvelous level as well. We may have issues settling on starters, but it is a great problem that it is because of how good the players are and not that we have no one with talent. Marv

Marv, that is what Mark Dantonio has done so well. The talent level at MSU is through the roof right now. There are SOME GREAT PLAYERS not even going to see the field much at all, if at all this year. These are some great times. We haven’t seen it this deep and at this level since Duffy.


Hondo, as l look forward to the MSU vs. Oregon game, like most Spartans my mind goes to Amp Campbell. How is he? What is he up to? Daniel

He is a DB Coach at Kent State, doing well, and one of my all-time favorite people. Lost in Amp’s broken neck injury against Oregon and his amazing recovery and return to football is that taking away his athletic talent, Amp is the man every dad wants his son to grow up to be. He is a great friend and I called him with your email well wishes and he asked me to tell you, “Thanks so much. It means a lot.”


Hondo, I am just calling you out. No way your Sparties come here and beat us in the house of Mariota. You all are big and strong, but you can’t catch us. This is our year. Speed beats brawn brother. Kyle in Bend, Oregon

First Kyle, you do have a great program, but Stanford is holding on line two asking for me to remind you of how they own your program. MSU hasn’t done it. They may not, but to say “No way” and that MSU “Can’t catch us” is fandom and not reality. See you in Eugene brother.


There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to SpartanNationMail@yahoo.com and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.


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  1. Frank September 4, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

    I have been saying for years that I would love to see MSU become the Oregon of the East. I don’t mean their style of play, but being fresh and new, changing up the uni’s, having that swagger to them. MSU has a great tradition, but we cannot “out-tradition” UM, OSU, Penn State or even Nebraska, regardless of how many National Championships Spartan teams won in the 50’s & 60’s.

    I think my wishes are coming true – we got the fresh uni’s, rich homie quan in the locker room, and the swagger (Spartan Dawgs/No Fly Zone) on defense. I just hope we don’t beat the Ducks so bad that Nike wants to end their relationship with MSU…GO GREEN!