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Hey- Hondo love your work! Q for you. You mentioned a little while ago that there could be just one college team that Mark Dantonio would possibly have interest in if that job ever came open. Without asking you to divulge the school, do you think MD would ultimately leave MSU, a school that he has built to national heights, if the other school came at him ‘hot and heavy’? Thanks Hondo! Mike

No, I don’t think he would. I think there are two he would listen to, but one simply as a courtesy and only one he would have interest in. As long as Michigan State continues the course they are on, there are NO concerns of him leaving.

Hondo, with the depleted defense, no one that I have found is projecting a MSU win at Oregon. Having said all of that, I have been reading about our upcoming defense and believe that we will have a good one if not great one. From my seat “Why not US” for the Oregon game? Can you give me your break down for the Oregon Game. Gary D. Imhoff

My official breakdown will come the day before the game, but on our radio show we have had numerous Oregon and national college football media talking about this game for weeks. What I will tell you is that I did breakdown this game in brief summation in Part Four of my MSU Football B1G preview. YOU CAN READ THAT WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE. I would take exception with your “Depleted” comments about the defense. Not one player stepping in to occupy a spot by a departing player comes to the table with no experience. Depleted implies lack of sufficient resources and that is simply not something I agree with. MSU could win in Oregon. It would not shock me, but read that link to get more of my thoughts on that game.

I read somewhere that at one point in MSU football history Frank Beamer was close to becoming head coach for the Spartans. Is this accurate? Thanks, -Kurt Easterday

Absolutely is 100% true.

I read an article talking about changes in officiating to further protect Quarterbacks. Is this a change in emphasis or is it an actual rule change? Can you provide more detail? Rick Emerson

More emphasis is placed on that this year. College football is terrified about lawsuits over injury such as the NFL is enduring right now. Pretty soon they are going to make quarterbacks wear a French maid costume and carry a feather duster. I am all for player safety, but it’s getting out of hand with some rules and rule emphasis.

Hondo, I found your comments recently about Chris Frey, Jr. to be interesting. How good can he be? Sharon W.

The sky is the limit with the kid. He has such a strong work ethic and is a tough player. Add to that, just a super human being and he has all the tools that come from God and all the intangibles that come from inside a person to be special. His speed and strength are right there and he is one of the smartest (football I.Q.) players I have seen as a freshman since Max Bullough. It won’t be easy to play this year, but being that he was here in the spring, he has a shot. Whether or not he plays this year, he is a player with a big time chance to take his game to Sundays one day.

Hondo, you talked a lot about players, but I would like you to tell me about Matt Sokol. You were really high on him in high school and I just wonder your thoughts. Chris Saxton

Hi Chris, I love talking about Sokol. He is a super young man and a talented football player who understands the game. Some players play the game and some know the game and very few can integrate both. Sokol is a battler. He is a competitor. He has the proverbial “It” that coaches love in athletes. He needs to redshirt to get bigger and stronger and I think that will happen. I am not certain because the young man is so driven that with a few breaks we could see him. He came in ready to learn, not ready to play and that mindset has helped him. He is going to be a great football player when all is said and done. He reminds me a lot of former Spartan great Brian Linthicum.

There you go everyone. That is this week’s question and answer article. If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A


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