America I Love You!

America I Love You!

Those are not words you hear a lot.  You do hear people say, “I love America,” but rarely in the form as a statement to something alive.  America is alive.  We celebrate her freedom and birthday today.  We are not a perfect nation, but we are the envy of the world and American Exceptionalism is ALIVE!

This is the land of the free because of the brave. A land formed by exceptional people that wanted to be free.

While some from within try to tell us how bad our great nation is, why do so many want to come here?  Because their narrative is wrong!  America is still a “Shining city on a hill” and a beacon of freedom around the planet.

Some try to rewrite American history.  To erase our past, hoping most are too lazy to check and understand.  America was an experiment.  It was a place founded by people who believed less government was better government.

A nation can’t live without government, but our brilliant forefathers knew and grasped that a limited central government was the best way to live.  A place where Americans were limited only by the effort and ingenuity they possessed and not a heavy handed central power. 

Our founders created a document that is the envy the world over:  The U.S. Constitution.  A living inspired document that tells the government what rights it has from the people and not a government that tells the people their rights.  We are not serfs, we are citizens.  It is our government.  We are the boss and they work for us!

A land motivated by work ethic and not handouts.  I met a man recently in his 40’s.  We were talking about our jobs and I asked him what he did for a living.  He told me he was on disability.  When I asked him what happened, he grabbed his large stomach and said, “I’m fat.”  I asked what medical condition caused it.  He said, “Pasta,” and went on to tell me that he had an addiction to food and that he couldn’t stop eating. “I just love to eat man.”

The statue of law that entitles one to disability payments from the government CLEARLY says that one must be unable to perform ANY job in the free market in order to receive those benefits.  This man could have done any number of jobs (and he admitted such), but instead I go to work every single day as do you and pay for him because he doesn’t want to push himself away from the table.  He admitted it rather proudly.  It disgusted me.

Any reasonable American knows we must help those truly in need, but in today’s America we are drifting from the founder’s intent of freedom.  We are inviting folks to eat from the trough of tax money we don’t have.  America is a land, it is a concept.  It is not your sugar daddy.  You are not free if you depend on the government for you sustenance.

Our rhetoric has become so loud that those like me who declare this man wrong are called cold hearted and mean, and many on my side of the argument call names of those who truly just want us to not be cold hearted.  WE must not turn our back on the poor and needy that comes of it not because they are lazy.  Millions need our help and we must.  Many within our own boarders fuel the rhetoric to divide us, not discuss so reasonable people can come to answers.  I despise my tax money going to the lazy and the unmotivated, but am joyful to help those with need.

How can we sustain ourselves giving trillions to foreign countries, many that hate us while our nation’s schools, roads, and infrastructure crumble?  That is insane.  Our inner cities have been ignored; while we give trillions around the world to people we have no business taking care of.  America has American’s that we must first show compassion for and care for.  Charity begins at home.

I am not a republican.  I am not a democrat.  I am an American.  I love America.  I want us to celebrate freedom and live it.  I believe my countryman who couldn’t push himself away from the table would find that motivation if he didn’t have the money to purchase that food.  Hunger in a lazy man is a great motivator.  I don’t want that for all, but certainly this man has no business taking a check from our country.

Freedom is to be lived.  It is to be experienced.  I have traveled the world.  I have seen how they live. We are blessed to be Americans.  I don’t blame people who want to come here, I would as well.

Let me tell you about Martin.  He is my mechanic and a great one.  He was born in Mexico to some amazing parents.  He wanted to come to America and when he was 18 he came here illegally.  His father informed him of how great a place America could be, but that if he wanted to come here he needed to do it the right way.  His father told him, “Don’t start the relationship breaking the law.”

Martin returned to Mexico, applied for his papers and is here legally, employed, married and now has adopted a wonderful son.  He is a great part of our society and I am thrilled he is here.  I can’t wait to be at his ceremony for citizenship.  America could never turn from immigration as we are a nation of immigrants.  I would love to see a nation full of people who love this country and have the work ethic of Martin.  I will hug him with pride and thank God when I can call him my countryman.

I have been called a “Bigot,” because even though I support immigration 100% I want people to come here legally and I do not support any pathway to citizenship if you start by breaking the law.  I don’t blame those that want to come here, I admire them.  I want to see them get the chance to live the American dream, but I want it done legally.  How is that bigoted?  Asking people to obey the laws is bigoted?  Give me a break.

I want them to do it legally.  Sadly, both parties have sold Americans out because we are too busy calling one another bigots and names and not fixing problems.  We reelect people who major in partisan bloviating and not in solving American issues.  We do not need any more republicans or democrats; we need Patriots.

I love this nation.  I still believe in America.  I still every day ask God to bless America.  If flying a flag, being informed, and caring about the direction of my homeland makes me a hack then I look back over our history and consider myself proud to be among the long list of hacks I admire.

I have so many wonderful friends who disagree with me on issues.  They are valuable people who love this nation as I do.  We disagree, but we are engaged in our process.  I could no sooner call them hacks or names than I could myself.  Make no mistake; there are those in our boarders who want us divided.  They want us to be polarized.  They want us to find reasons to divide.  We agree on much more than we disagree. 

I love you America.  I have traveled the world and while other nations debate fences to keep their people we debate them to keep them out.  Thank you to every veteran current and past.  Thank you to their families.  Thank you to the heroes who came and started this great land for their wisdom not only in getting it right, but when they didn’t and gave us ways to fix it.

I pray that this year we all fall in love again with America.  If you agree or disagree with me on these issues or others, get engaged.  Care.  Don’t let people push you to hating those we disagree with, but embrace them as your countrymen.  America can be the city on a hill again.  I believe in her.  I love her and I know you do as well.  Being patriotic may not be popular, but it is right.  I boldly and proudly declare, AMERICA I LOVE YOU!

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  1. Mark July 5, 2014 at 12:38 pm #

    Hondo, your comments here regarding America are right on target, thank you! Few have the courage to say what needs to be said. Thank God our founders felt the same. – Mark

  2. Bob Arendsen July 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm #


    Your AMERICA I LOVE YOU should be broadcast
    nation wide on all channels as it is dead on what
    is right with AMERICA and what is broken with
    Even with all problems we have America is the
    greatest nation and I thank God everyday I was
    BLESSED to be born and LIVE here.

    Thank you