Team: Purdue Boilermakers B1G West

Head Coach: Darrell Hazell 2nd year

Last Year’s Record: 1-11

Key Assistant: DC Greg Hudson

Trending: Upward. Yes I said upward. I really like Coach Hazell. On and off the field. He is a very solid football mind. Purdue is a tough place to build and win and when you do, it is never enough for the delusional fan base.

He is rebuilding a program and even though I project them to only get to three wins it is still an improvement. Add to that he is adding talent and it takes time. I think he is still two seasons from being consistently bowl eligible, but he can get there.

Last year it was clear the issues for this team. They couldn’t score and they couldn’t stop anyone from scoring. Hazell won’t cut corners and he will do it right. I am a buyer on the man and the coach. Two more tough seasons are ahead Boilermakers, but learn from your past with coaches and remain patient. Hazell can do it.

Prediction: 3-9 (0-8) 7th Place B1G West

Western Michigan: Win

Central Michigan: Win

Notre Dame (Indianapolis): Loss

Southern Illinois: Win

Iowa: Loss

At Illinois: Loss

Michigan State: Loss

At Minnesota: Loss

At Nebraska: Loss

Wisconsin: Loss

Northwestern: Loss

At Indiana: Loss

Final thoughts: In today’s fast paced right now mentality, rebuilding is a tough thing to do. Add to it you are Purdue and it is worse. The problem with Purdue in the past is not coaching; it’s that you are Purdue. They ran Joe Tiller out and should have erected a statue to the man. Developing players is the only way to win consistently at Purdue. Will they run Hazell out before he can lay a foundation and reap the reward? That remains to be seen, but I would let my son play for him.


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