For several years I have posted this (CLICK HERE TO READ) article about, “What Father’s Day Means to Me!”  It is not the same this year.  45 days ago my father passed away.

I am eternally grateful to God to be called his son.  Not an hour has passed since his passing that I haven’t thought of him.  That is not a complaint, it is a reality.  If your father is alive I beg you , I implore you for those of us who can’t, to call him and tell him you love him.  To hug him.  Give him a kiss and spend time with him.  I am grateful that I understood the gift God gave me in my father, and I appreciated him while he was alive.

For those of us not able to do it, please reach out to your dad today.  If you didn’t have a father, did have a father or are a father.  Make the most of it.  #FatherhoodRocks!

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  1. Faygo June 15, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    Nice tribute, Hondo, and condolences. You were lucky, in a sense – not in losing him, which happens to all, but in having him, which doesn’t happen to everyone. My memories of Dad are of him coming home drunk and beating my mother until the neighbors called the cops to haul him in. My little brother and I cowered behind the couch watching it happen. Luckily, he left for good when I was 10, and I didn’t see him again until I was 22. One time, then six months later, when I was called to ID him on a slab at the Wayne County Morgue. My uncles were great, but they are long gone, as is my former father-in-law who I was close to. I’m a dad myself, and think I did a dedicated job, but basically I get an e-card from my daughter each year. He was too young to really be a father figure, but Al Kaline was my hero, and he never let me down. And now that I near retirement, and have worked and paid taxes for well over 40 years, I appreciate all the good Dads who have done the same without much thanks more than a nice barbeque each June. And few ever asked for more, or enjoyed anything better. Well done to you and your father, sir.