Spartan Nation Exclusive: From Pennsylvania Top Tier 2015 WR Recruit Tre Tipton Holds a Michigan State Offer and is Looking Close At East Lansing!


Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.: Heading out to Pennsylvania…Tre Tipton, how are ya?


Tre Tipton: I’m doing great. How are you?


HONDO: Great. Thanks for your time.


TIPTON: No problem. I’d do this any day.


HONDO: Give us your thoughts on Michigan State.


TIPTON: Michigan State’s probably one of the best campuses I’ve ever been on. The people there are very humble and everybody there has a goal that they wanna be the best of the best of the best, always on top, and that’s what they wanna be. I kinda got that feeling when I was there. What’s crazy about Michigan State and Pennsylvania, both of them are considered basically blue collar states. They work for everything they’ve got and work hard for what they’ve got. So just that feeling as well as the feeling that I get from Pittsburgh, East Lansing.


HONDO: You have a lot of places looking at you because you’re so exceptional on both sides of the ball. Michigan State is looking at you as a wide receiver. Which side do you enjoy playing more?


TIPTON: To be honest with you, I love both sides of the ball. The defensive parts hitting people and then you can make something happen. Then on the offense, you can go as hard as you want and make plays, very, very, very exceptional in my eyes.


HONDO: Obviously you’ve had some great people around you who’ve raised you. Brag on your family for a minute.


TIPTON: My family, they’re all hard workers. They are blue collar type people. They work for that they have. They make sure that all the things they have they’ve worked for. I think they’ve done a great job to make sure that I work hard for what I want. To be honest, I feel like it’s my family and I would do anything to make sure that I can do the same for them.


HONDO: Michigan State really likes you as a wide receiver. You have some God-given talent, but you also have some good coaching.


TIPTON: My coach has been a really big help because he knows so much and he’s worked with some of the people that play for the Pirates. He just knows what it takes for him, for us to get it done and for us to be successful. I feel like with him on my side there’s a lot more I can learn as well as football. He also has a lot of teachers making sure we get it done in the classroom.


HONDO: Are you planning on coming back to see anything else on campus?


TIPTON: I plan on coming on campus this upcoming week, but I’m definitely gonna come down to see in the next couple weeks.


HONDO: You said you would be back this coming week you think?


TIPTON: Yes sir.


HONDO: You have a lot of schools that are after you. Do you think Michigan State would be in the hunt for you?


TIPTON: Very definitely at the top one or two. We’ll see what happens. But it’s more just trying to get back down and to get my family involved and my family to know what I love as well.


HONDO: Do you know what you wanna major in?


TIPTON: I wanna major in either Nursing or International Business. Nursing because it’s a field that doesn’t have many male nurses, and if they do it’s so rare. The jobs out there are very open, so I feel like if I wouldn’t happen to make it into the NFL, if I wouldn’t happen to make it as far as I would like to make it, then I could definitely possibly go into a big job in nursing. International Business because my friends and I have a clothing company called #JetPack. We’ve positioned it really well. We’ve been getting into a lot of places. But I feel like we haven’t reached that part yet where we can make it an enterprise. I know that for a fact that businesses over in China, Europe, everywhere over in Europe…it’s a big time business over there. So me being able to take International Business as a major means I could incorporate anything I may need to help the company that I’m working with, a clothing company, we’re trying to produce…shipping and everything…and you can ship it to the right people. Hopefully if it works out, that’s what I would wanna do with my major.


HONDO: Did you really just say you and your friends have started a clothing company?


TIPTON: Yes, we started a clothing company. It’s called #JetPack. In my eyes it’s one of the most effective companies around my area. We’ve been working really hard to mass produce every type of clothing that you can possibly think of, for girls and guys. We’re producing it well and pitching it and pitching it and pitching it, and it’s really been helping as of late. The biggest part about it is a lot of people want it. It’s simple, but a lot of people enjoy the clothing. We’re just trying to put it out there, and me taking an International Business major, I feel like I could help us further our education.


HONDO: What are you, 16 or 17?


TIPTON: I’m 17.


HONDO: I was interested in playing video games. You’re starting multinational companies.


TIPTON: I’m trying to, that’s the goal of it. My boy originally started it. He originally started the company and he asked if I wanted to get on the Board and I was like… I definitely wanted to become a big part of it. Ever since then we’ve just been working really hard on it our ultimate expense to make the company money. Pitching it and pitching it, and so far it’s turned out really well. A lot of people love the clothing, a lot of people wanna hear about it, a lot of people wanna see it. We’re just gonna keep pushing it, keep pushing it, keep pushing it and mass produce.


HONDO: It’s called Hashtag Clothing?


TIPTON: It’s #JetPack.


HONDO: Good for you, man. Congratulations.


TIPTON: Thank you.


HONDO: When do you wanna make a decision on where you’re gonna go to college? Do you have a timeframe?


TIPTON: My timetable is either between the end of this summer or in the next few weeks. We’re gonna see what happens in the next few weeks. If everything pans out and my family feels comfortable and I feel comfortable, then I’ll be making my commitment, Which college, I’m not positive yet.


HONDO: Tell me what it was like when Dantonio gave you that offer.


TIPTON: When Coach Dantonio made the offer I was very ecstatic. I still remember running down the hallway and screaming and saying, ‘Let’s go’ and ‘I’m so excited’. I was happy to just be able to get the offer. Then when we got done talking, my coach was excited and my whole school was excited. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. And then they just had all the faith in the world in me. So this has been a true blessing.


HONDO: How special is it gonna be to visit this campus again and bring your lovely Mom back here?


TIPTON: It’s gonna be real special. My mom loves it. She had the chance to come up with me for my first time and she just felt… She plans on seeing a little more. She loves everything about it, so that this is a family decision. So we’ll see what happens.


HONDO: Michigan State is very keen on going after the right type of person. So when you have this school that is recognized around the country for recruiting character kids, does it make it even more special to get an offer from them?


TIPTON: Sure enough. That’s something that I work hard on. I work hard at being seen as a great young man. It should be important to represent your community and family in the right way. That’s what’s important to me, in my eyes, because there’s not a lot of kids out there that get recognized. Do more, learn more, understand more.


HONDO: Do you mind if we stay in touch with you?


TIPTON: Definitely.


HONDO: We’re looking forward to it. That’s the great Tre Tipton.


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