Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Dear Hondo,  You have made it clear that Jayru Campbell isn’t coming to MSU.  This week in the paper I read an article by someone who covers recruiting that said, “With the Jayru Campbell situation still up in the air,” has something changed?  Bill in Detroit

Let me make this clear.  I can’t cover other people’s reporting.  What I can tell you is that the relevant parties involved all understand that Jayru isn’t coming to MSU.  I can’t do others’ jobs.  He isn’t coming to MSU.  I didn’t see that report, but NOTHING is up in the air.  The issue is settled. 

Hondo, I was at a meeting and while driving back with my boss I was stuck listening to sports radio.  A person came on who covers MSU and said the Spartans would win eight games in football this year and nine if they are lucky.  What do you think?  Isiah

I didn’t hear the interview, so I assume if they cover MSU you missed a part of the interview.  I am certain they were talking about Michigan.  I know the MSU Beat people and I don’t know any that share that sentiment.

Hondo, how do you think Joel Heath will do this year starting on the defensive line?  Sylvia

Sylvia, I think he will do well.  He is so fast and carries his large frame well.  He has to be more consistent, but he is a very good football player with all of the natural God given skills a young man needs.  He has to learn to trust his talent and play without thinking.

Hondo, I noticed you picked Mike Geiger as pre-season special teams player of the year in the Big Ten, but had Sadler as an All American?  Why no Sadler love?  Kent

I think they both are great players, but Geiger makes a difference because he doesn’t miss and puts points on the board. I don’t expect Mike to have to bail out the offense as much this year, but still the best P in the game of college football.

Hondo, I heard from someone who is friends with Mark Hollis that the AD plans on naming Narduzzi the coach in waiting before the season starts?  Any idea?  Brian

They are not Hollis’s friend or at best they don’t talk to him.  As reported last year, that WILL NOT happen. Could it if Dantonio was in his last year?  Yes.  But he isn’t.

Hondo, I was told that Coach Dantonio will go to South Carolina to replace Steve Spurrier when he retires there.  I was told since Dantonio is an alumni and played down there that the alumni really want him.  Is that our only worry for him taking another job?  Carl

I hear that a lot.  Mark Dantonio WILL NOT coach South Carolina.  I think there is only one college job he would consider and it isn’t Ohio State or South Carolina.  No need to mention what job, but I am not guessing, I am stating fact.  He will not head to South Carolina. 

Hondo, someone posted on the message board that MSU plans on taking 14 players in this recruiting class, is that correct?  Sean

Dantonio is planning on 14 as of now.  Of course, some players transfer or leave early for the NFL or can step away so the number is fluid, but as of right now it is 14.

Hondo I am hoping to see more out of Marcus Rush this year.  He is a very good player, but I think there is more in the tank for him.  Do you agree?  Douglas

I sure do.  This is his last year.  He is a senior and this should be his year.  Dantonio is fond of saying that for a team to achieve greatness your seniors must have their best year.  I expect to see Rush have his finest year in 2014.  He is a super young man and a good football player.  I expect him to move to a super young man and a super football player this season.

Hondo I am terrified about our defensive backfield this year.  Sure Drummond is back and Waynes, but terrified about the other spots.  Can you reassure me?  Tim

First Tim based on your email I think you are an adult so I don’t understand why you would be terrified about what happens on a football field.  Concerned maybe, but terrified?  I am not.  DB Coach Harlon Barnett will be on my show Monday and I bet your aren’t after that.  Tune in buddy!

There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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  1. Otis Johnson June 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm #

    Hondo on fire this week. Seems as though some of you got some not so good sources. Hondo is my #1 guy. Tune in to his Tweets and articles, this man won’t steer you wrong.