It was 20 days ago today that I sat next to my mother holding her in front of my father’s casket. I watched and listened as she was handed the flag off of that casket. It was folded pristine and upon handing it to her they told her, “On behalf of a grateful nation we thank you for your husband’s service to his nation.” Gun shots rang out and a bugler played.

It is a seen that has played out millions of times in our history. We have all seen it, but at that moment it had never been more real to me. Still is. As I write this here in my hotel room, tears still pour from my eyes and my hands tremble.

Serving your nation doesn’t come with millions of dollars in signing bonuses. It doesn’t come with fanfare and accolades. It comes with a sense of honor and duty. In our land today, it has become sport to treat our veterans like objects rather than heroes.

Republicans and democrats have allowed our Veterans Administration to become a shambles and everyone wants to blame others. EVERYONE is at fault. These men, women, and their families are as important to this nation as the gold in Fort Knox. Even more.

Today I admit is more emotional than other Memorial Days, but it is still a day that you can search the archives of this site to see we have honored for years. It is not about BBQ and time at the beach, although I am not saying those are bad things. It is about two powerful words: Thank You!

Thank you to the veterans current and past and their families. Thank you to God for the privilege of living in the greatest nation on earth.

While some in this nation are attempting to rewrite American history to portray this great nation in a bad light, it is the obligation of all of us to protect this land, to remember our true history, and to love this nation and preserve our heritage.

Other than the Bible, the Constitution of the United States is an inspiring, Godly ordained document second only to the Bible in its impact on mankind. Of course, it isn’t perfect, but in its imperfection it gave us ways to repair and fix it and demonstrate its perfection. Not changed by radical judges or by unelected beaurocrats and unvoted upon regulations, but by the people.

Today we remember; today be inspired. While we are flooded with the negativity of those with an agenda against our country, stand up for her. Love her. Preserve her. Care for her and nurture her. Don’t let people tear us apart. We are different. Some are different races, religions, socio economic backgrounds and more, but we all are Americans. The majority of the elected ruling class, from both parties, are an embarrassment to us.

We will not always agree, but where is the respect and devotion to our fellow countrymen?

This is our land. We are not serfs. We are not subjects. We are American’s because of the sacrifice of our Veterans and other heroes who loved this nation and freedom more than themselves. Each day make it a point to talk about our military as a heroic part of our nation.

Raise the children you influence to understand Veterans are the true heroes; they represent a way of life that is honorable. Read our constitution. Read it with your kids. Understand your nation. Thank you Veterans. Thank you to my countrymen. This experiment in democracy hasn’t been perfect, but we are the greatest nation on earth.

God Bless you. God Bless America.  Our greatest days are NOT behind us.  I still believe in America and I still believe in our people.  The seeds of this democracy have been watered by the blood of our Patriots and the tears of our admiration of them.

Please watch this amazing short video putting today into perspective WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE!


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