2015 Star Recruit Dyson Chmura talks Michigan State, Family and More!

Photo courtesy of Dyson Chmura Photo courtesy of Dyson Chmura

2015 Star Recruit Dyson Chmura talks Michigan State, Family and More!

Football ability comes naturally to the Chmura family. Patriarch Mark Chmura set a high standard, excelling in his seven-year NFL career as a standout tight end. Dylan Chmura secured a scholarship to play at Michigan State, and is beginning to make an impact on the program.

The next great Chmura is now beginning to step into the spotlight. Should the Spartan Nation be so fortunate, Dyson Chmura could be East Lansing bound.

Following in the footsteps of two men he greatly admires, Dyson is ready to show off his athleticism and natural instincts.

The talented class of 2015 recruit recently spoke with Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. on Spartan Nation Radio, discussing his family, skillset, and college decision.

Born to a former NFL tight end, Dyson Chmura knew that he had the right genes. Chmura also recognized his special football talent at a young age.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t special when he realized his potential.

“It was always a dream to play college football, but reality really hit me when I got my first offer from South Dakota,” he said. “I really wanted to play, but when that happened, it was breathtaking.”

Dyson’s father never pushed him. The youngster simply gravitated towards football.

“He wouldn’t be mad if I wanted to go to school for academics, he wouldn’t be mad at me if I wanted to go to school for basketball,” Dyson said. He just really wants me to do what I want to do and do it passionately.”

Since collecting his first offer, Chmura has received interest from big-time schools such as Army, Minnesota, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Dyson has a different skillset from his brother, as Dylan has a typical tight end build, while Dyson has the size, athleticism, and speed of a linebacker. Most programs project him as a linebacker, which is where Dyson feels most comfortable.

The 6’3, 218 pound prospect also has another big advantage that many talented athletes simply don’t possess: instinct.

“Instinct is kind of my thing. My dad told me that when you have to think on the field, you don’t play as well,” Dyson said.

Instinct guides Chmura to the right place at the right time. It also brings out his aggressive side, which is something that opposing quarterbacks and running backs would rather not see.

“I would say I’m a kid who can really pack a punch when I make a tackle,” Chmura said.

The Spartan coaching staff would love to have a player with that kind of talent and drive. His brother Dylan wouldn’t mind having him, either. Dylan and Dyson have a very close relationship.

“As we grew up, we got closer,” Dyson said. “Then my parents split up and Dylan really came in and acted like a second father. I always looked at him as another father figure.”

While Dylan redshirted last season, he took every opportunity possible to head back home and watch his little brother play at Waukesha West High School.

“He surprised me at a state high school semifinal,” Dyson said. “We lost the game, but it didn’t matter to me. It was the last game of the year, and I played in front of him.”

Dyson is seriously considering the possibility of playing with his brother at MSU so that Dylan no longer has to travel to watch him play. Dyson recently made a trip up to East Lansing to check out the school for himself.

“I’ve always really enjoyed my time at Michigan State,” Dyson said. “The coaching staff is such a great group of coaches. They make sure you see every facility before you leave, and they all have such great personalities. It’s always great to see Coach Salem, Coach Narduzzi, Coach Dantonio: they are all really fun.”

Dyson doesn’t want to rush or be rushed, however. The Waukesha, Wisconsin native has no timetable for his decision.

Regardless of where Dyson chooses to attend college, he is a talented football player and an even better person. Should this special young man will choose to unite with his brother and bring his unique skillset to Michigan State or not, wherever he goes will get a great young man.


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