Standout Spartan Safety Kurtis Drummond Leaves Spring Excited About His Michigan State No Fly Zone


Q: Did you get a chance to see much of Jalyn playing on the other side from the sideline at all?


DRUMMOND: I seen him a little bit. I mean, I’ve seen him through spring ball, I already knew he was a player. He can hit, headhunt. It just comes down to being consistent and knowing what to do.


Q: Did he prove that he was a good choice for that #1 safety spot in the spring draft?


DRUMMOND: I think the whole secondary did good. I think regardless of how we were drafted, everybody came out and showed what they could do. They played good with guys that they normally don’t play with. So I would say overall, from my standpoint, they did a good job.


Q: Who played in the middle for you guys at linebacker?


DRUMMOND: Jon Reschke.


Q: The whole time?


DRUMMOND: Yes. I think it was the whole time.


Q: How do you think he did in front of you and what kind of things did he show…


DRUMMOND: He was getting the guys lined up, as far as I could tell. Again, you gotta look at the film, but out there there weren’t no big runs. So I would assume guys were getting in their right places. Whether that’s a credit to him or to the D line for just knowing… So I would say he did a good job for what he needed to do.


Q: Tell us a little bit about the physical nature that’s taken over the D backs in this program this year.


DRUMMOND: It’s just something we continue to harp on. Having a guy like Queze, being able to watch his physicality and the way he just handled receivers, that was a good guy for the younger guys to be able to look up to. I see a lot of guys trying to implement that in their games. Coach Narduzzi talks all the time about us getting our hands on the ball. As a unit we take it on ourselves to not let teams throw the ball. We wanna still be the no fly zone; that’s just something that we raised the bar to for our program. It just comes down to guys competing, guys staying consistent and not being okay with guys catching the ball.


Q: Is that something that has kinda changed the culture, with the defensive backs more physical and maybe getting a little more confidence out of that?


DRUMMOND: Yeah, I would say we have a very confident group. We may be young, but guys understand they can play. Coach Barnett does a great job of developing guys and just putting confidence in them…guys feeling comfortable once they’re out there to make the plays.


Q: One of things coming in is people are going to question about how you lost two pretty good guys back in the secondary and how are those guys gonna be replaced. From what you’ve seen this spring and in the spring game, are these guys about there or do they have a ways to go?


DRUMMOND: Every year we have somebody to replace. We’re definitely not where we’re gonna be as a team. That’s what fall camp is for. But we’re definitely moving in the right direction…guys are growing, guys are improving. So I would say we had a pretty successful camp. From the time that we started to the time we finished it, guys have grown so much. Guys have gotten better and are just being more consistent.


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