Michigan State Spartans Star DE  Recaps the State of MSU Football


Q: Before the spring game Kirk Cousins said he thought this was the most balanced team that he’s seen at Michigan State. Can you give your thoughts and opinion on that?


CALHOUN: I would definitely say that’s true. We’ve got a lot of great competitors on our offensive line, great competitors on defense, and it’s just time for them to show their stuff. We’ve got high fliers, people who are gonna come down here and fill the gap. I would say it’s finally at a point where our offense is clicking early, and so was our defense. So it’s gonna be nice to see how the season starts out for us.


Q: The score was tied at the end. Do you think that was an indication of anything?


CALHOUN: I’d say they cheated, but it’s fine…I’m not…no, I’m just saying that it definitely shows that the offense is doing well. Now if we can just combine the two teams together, you could see how much damage can be done. So like I said, it just shows how much we have on offense, our weapons and what the upcoming season is gonna look like.


Q: I know he was on the other team, but can you give me your assessment of Demetrius Cooper?


CALHOUN: You know what’s funny, he came up to me afterwards and said, ‘I had more sacks than you’. I was like, ‘Really, that’s how you’re gonna start out this conversation?’ No, he played well today. He played really well and that just shows that he’s a young guy that can get off the ball fast, he’ll use his hands, and he wants to make plays. He wants to be that guy who makes the play so it’s nice to see him out there getting some reps and showing his stuff on the Big 10 Network.


Q: He got more sacks than you?


CALHOUN: He cheated for that too, but I’m not gonna… No, he did though. I think he had 3 and I had 2. He played his butt off today and I commend him for that.


Q: Were you hoping that the quarterbacks were live?


CALHOUN: I was. I was a little upset when he told me Connor Cook wasn’t live. I was like of course…of course the guy I have to tackle is not live. I gave him a couple taps, but I kept him up though. I didn’t want to hurt him. But it was great to be out there with those guys.


Q: Are you a little bitter that you have to have the franks and beans instead of the steak dinner?


CALHOUN: It’s not even the food part, I just like winning. I’m a little bitter about losing, but I’m not mad because like I said it’s all for the team. It’s a team effort. When we finally get in the season, we’re gonna have a lot of weapons on offense and defense.


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