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Hondo, I work the Women’s College World Series every year, in OKC. Every year, I ask if the Softball Spartans will ever come join me and every year they sink lower in the standings. Last place is as low as you can get. Last year the UM coach, as a former Spartan, even commented about how bad they were. This program needs help.  Doug McNiven

I agree Doug that the program is in bad shape. I have supported Coach Joseph wholeheartedly, but it is clear MSU women’s softball is in trouble.


Hondo, can you tell me why we even have wrestling at MSU? It is a complete joke, not competitive and an embarrassment. How can Hollis ask me and everyone else for money and waste it on a dysfunctional and unproductive program? Cut wrestling now or get a new coach to try it. Paul B

Sadly Paul, I am not a wrestling guy, but the more I dig with those who are and people in athletics I think your synopsis is very close. I don’t think at this time cutting wrestling is an option. It should be, but that is not a fight MSU wants at this time with the wrestling community. I will say that to continue to allow futility sends the wrong message. MSU wrestling is not well thought of or respected in wrestling circles and that is sad.


Hondo, you have been a long time supporter of Jackie Joseph, but can it stop now? May be a great lady, but not the one to lead. I heard her on your show say that if she didn’t get the program turned around with all the facility updates she would agree it was time for a change. Thanks Jackie. See ya, Beth


Hondo, I want to give you my thoughts on MSU athletics as a significant donor from here in California. As the federal government wastes billions and trillions on frivolous programs and Washington doesn’t want to cut spending so they keep raising taxes. MSU has to keep raising costs on the sports that count to cover these worthless ones. At what point do we as donors say enough and stop donating while they burn cash on the programs that are stuck with terrible coaching, bad facilities and no chances. I am not in the minority of donors. (Name withheld from California)


Hondo, you are such a supporter of the sports that don’t make money I just want to say thank you. I love hearing Casey from men’s golf, all the hockey attention, volleyball and women’s basketball. Christian

Thanks Christian.


Hondo, why is it a bad thing to cut sports if they aren’t good? If people don’t go, that means they don’t care. I am tired of hearing about broad based opportunity when people don’t care about those sports. Make them club sports, but why should the donors have to pay? Jason

Many agree with you Jason, but cutting sports at this point, with the current administration, is not going to happen.


Hondo, it depresses me that coaches in the real sports would get fired for failure to win and improve their program, but in many of the Olympic sports it is tolerated. How come I see Izzo and Dantonio everywhere, but many of those coaches (usually the crap programs) cash their checks and don’t care. I am really frustrated right now. Tre

As you can read, this is a sentiment many share.


Hondo I love your radio show every year form the hockey offices.  Will it be back?  Bob

Yes, but no date as of yet.


Hondo, I know you have supported Coach Jakie Joseph as the softball coach so let me ask you a different question. If she was fired, any idea who should replace her? Kathryn

That is simple. I am NOT a softball person, but everywhere you go and every person who is connected to softball in this state loves Jessica Bograkos as a person and coach. The more I dug it is very simple that she is not only qualified but the only real candidate to unite past players, the state of Michigan, and Spartan Nation. She is the ONLY smart choice.


Hondo, I get it. You always support the coaches, so I want to ask this. If the decision was solely up to Mark Hollis do you think he would change softball coaches? John T.

John, I think Hollis would tell you it is his decision solely, and I do not think he is a liar, but I don’t think he would be telling it as it is. Let’s take Mark out of it. I had a former MSU AD tell me, “You can’t fire her she is protected,” inferring that her job is protected by the MSU President. True or not, I don’t know. However that is what I was told.


I want to make a disclaimer. While reading this over it would look like I had an axe to grind with MSU Softball. I do not. I have been a strong supporter of Coach. However, I received 44 communications calling for change since our last Olympic sports Q/A and ZERO supporting the program. I am currently communicating with several people about the state of the program and will come out in a few weeks with my analysis.


There you go everyone. That is your MSU Olympic sports Q/A for the week. Remember that if you want to ask a question email me at and put in the subject line Olympic Q/A


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