Michigan State QB Connor Cook Reflects on Spring Game and Spring Practice as a Whole as he Looks Forward to Promising 2014 Campaign


CONNOR COOK: The main thing you can do to get better as a quarterback and receiver is to continue to work with each other. If you continue to do that, the sky’s the limit. I’m gonna be up here all through May, even when it’s optional to have to be up here, all through June, all through July…guys are gonna be working out, QB’s and receivers. We gotta continue to get better at that spot.


Q: What did you see in particular from Holmes in the spring?


CONNOR COOK: He’s just a big body, big running back, fast, explosive. He’s a power back too…he’s physical, he can run some guys over when he has to, beat you to the outside. But he’s learning, he’s getting better. He’s gotta work on picking up blitzes and work on protection, that kind of stuff. When his number’s called and he’s running, if he’s gotta go on a pass route he’ll do so and he’ll put in 100% effort.


Q: How would you assess the whole spring?


CONNOR COOK: I thought it was good. I saw some young guys step up, like Gerald Holmes…younger guys emerge at different spots, like RJ. Shelton, going from more of a running back to a receiver, playing well at that spot. Other guys like Tres Barksdale and Matt Macksood emerging at receiver spots. But I’d say that the offense just made a giant jump. We wanted to pick up right from where we left off in Pasadena. I feel like we did that and I feel like we’re a lot farther than we were then. I think as long as the offense continues to grow like we did this past spring…same with the defense…I feel like the sky’s the limit.


Q: And what about the defense…do you think they’ve made a lot of progress?


CONNOR COOK: I thought the defense got better each week. The first scrimmage we beat them pretty good, second scrimmage was close, third scrimmage they kicked our butt, fourth scrimmage they kicked our butt again. So I think guys just had to go out there and get comfortable. Especially with Chris Frey being out there at linebacker, Riley Bullough going back to defense, John Reschke, Taiwan Jones, the whole linebacking core, and then especially Darien Hicks at corner. But I felt like they got better each and every week, and as soon as they started to feel comfortable and get into a rhythm they looked really, really good.


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