Spartan DE & Team Orator Shilique Calhoun Weighs in on Michigan State Spring Ball, His Teammates, Coach and More!


Q: How do you feel it’s going now?


A: It’s a process. We’re all clicking together, trying to get together. A lot of guys are taking great strides to be on that field with us. So I commend the young guys that are stepping up. Even the older guys who are trying to take that leadership role.


Q: Are you taking more of a leadership role now?


A: I’m trying to, especially for the younger guys. I see a lot of potential in Cooper. I see a lot of potential in a lot of younger D-line guys. I’m just trying to teach them what I know so they can be a little further ahead of the game than other teams.


Q: Talk about Joel’s (Heath) maturation and his growth.


A: He’s been maturing as a man I would definitely say over the past…funny guy… He’s been maturing over these past couple of months. He’s definitely trying to be a leader on the field. Not only that, but a leader in the film room….one of those guys who wants to lead by example, who’s not just gonna talk. He’s also gonna be about it. It shows on the field. He critiques himself more so than the coach would.


Q: Is he almost too hard on himself?


A: I wouldn’t say too hard on himself. I definitely wouldn’t say too hard on himself, no. He’s definitely very hard on himself and I love that about him. He’s the same when it comes to me too. He just wants us all to be better.


Q: Dantonio can’t stop talking about Kieler. Tell us…you were the great scribe that predicted Conklin…tell us about Kieler.


A: He’s a big guy, a very strong guy. His pass setting… I went against him today actually. He’s very good pass setting. It’ll be a nice little challenge out there to see who’s gonna step up and play the tackle position.


Q: Defense pretty motivated in the scrimmage tomorrow?


A: Definitely. We lost the first one and we don’t like losing. So we look forward to winning this one coming up tomorrow. You’ll see a lot of high-flying hits from us, definitely.


Q: Have you tattooed anyone yet? I heard about some tattooing going on…


A: I haven’t tattooed anybody yet. Tomorrow will be the day. Tomorrow all be the day I unleash it all. No, you know what…I say the actual scrimmage on the 26th will be when everyone gets tattooed, because then we can touch the quarterback then. So he’ll be live and there’ll be a lot of tattooing going on.


Q: How has Ron Burton’s coaching changed?


A: I would say we just know him…we’ve grown to know him and know what he’s saying now, so it’s like there’s more intensity. It’s even faster now. You thought it was fast when we first got here? Now it’s like, ‘Hey,we need it even faster. We need to do things fast so we can use our hands more and be more aggressive with everything that we’re doing’. So I would just say he’s more aggressive with the way he talks now because we’re comfortable with him. Things are going a little faster.


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  1. Faygo April 22, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

    What a fine young man and a great Spartan. Hondo, with all due respect, someone needs to help him get past using “you know” constantly. I’ve noted that in multiple interviews. He is otherwise so eloquent that it’s a significant distraction. It’s certainly not a criticism of him as a person at all, but it is noticeable – and correctable. I Hope you take this as constructive. Oh, and sack the Michigan QB again multiple times this year, Shilique.