Michigan State TE Andrew Gleichert Ready to Step Up from Role Player to Star


Hondo Carpenter: You are kind of the quiet, humble, just-gonna-do-my-job kind of guy. Where does that come from?


Andrew Gleichert: I don’t like to brag about it, I just do it. I’m not much of a vocal leader. I’m more of a show-it-on-the-field kinda guy.


HONDO: When I watch Connor or others who are vocal, you just kinda listen and smile and go, ‘Okay, can we just go hit somebody?’ That’s kinda your style, isn’t it?


GLEICHERT: I don’t have much to say. I just do it. Go out and play.


HONDO: How do you think you’re playing right now?


GLEICHERT: I’m playing okay. I think this summer is gonna be crucial for me, just honing in on some of the fundamentals I need to get better at.


HONDO: When you play confident, you play well. Is it more for you just slowing the game down? Because when you do, you play at a high level.


GLEICHERT: Like Coach Staten always says, if you think about a bad play you’re gonna have another bad play. So in those times I really just gotta get past it and just know I can do it…have the confidence to do it.


HONDO: Is that a work ethic that comes from your parents that if you don’t do it right you get mad? Maybe you just have to learn to just let it go?


GLEICHERT: Yeah, they always keep harping on me to just let it go. It’s in the past, you can’t do much about it, just move on and learn from the mistakes.


HONDO: Talk about your family.


GLEICHERT: Family…I grew up in Ann Arbor, my mom went to Michigan, my dad went to Stanford. They’re pretty intellectual people. My dad’s never really much of the bragging type. He’s a really humble, quiet guy. Wisdom always comes out when he talks.


HONDO: How hard was it last year…you beat Michigan and Stanford. Did you have fun with that? Could you get them both to wear Michigan State green?


GLEICHERT: When I signed, they switched immediately. They had no hesitation switching. Diehards…they’re die-hards now.


HONDO: What is it about football that you love?


GLEICHERT: I just love playing with my team. When good things happen, being with my teammates is like the best thing in the world.


HONDO: You’re a fun guy. With two parents being intellectuals, are they that way?


GLEICHERT: I get that from my mom. My mom’s that kind of girl.


HONDO: So you’re more like mom?


GLEICHERT: Both aspects…I’m like both.


HONDO: Are you more afraid of your coaches or mom?


GLEICHERT: Coaches, yeah.


HONDO: So you’re mama’s little blond, pushover baby boy?


GLEICHERT: No. Not like that. Come on. Nah, I love my mom.


HONDO: Big season ahead of you…what do you have to do to reach your personal goals?


GLEICHERT: I think coming in on the off times and really just focusing on my craft is what I really need to do.


HONDO: They need you to step up, they need you to seize it. You’re the guy. Do you like that pressure?


GLEICHERT: I do. It kinda gives me something to prove. I feel like my whole career here is always proving something. It just gives me that edge to keep playing.


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