Michigan State QB Connor Cook Updates Spartan Nation on the Progress of the Offense This Spring


Q: What are you most pleased with your offense so far this spring? And then what are you most disappointed with?


Connor Cook: I think I’m most pleased with pretty much everything. The offensive line…they’re doing a great job catching…oh, wow, catching….uh, protecting for me. The receivers are doing an excellent job of getting open and making plays after the catch. Running backs are doing a great job, not just in the running game, but in the pass game. The thing I’m most disappointed about is probably my interceptions. I’m not the luckiest guy during this spring.


Q: But you would much prefer to be lucky in the fall than not lucky in the spring, right?


COOK: Exactly, I’d much rather do that. But I still gotta… I wouldn’t say it’s the bad decisions that I’m making, it’s just the defensive backs are just making great plays. I’ve only thrown a few, so it’s not like I’ve thrown a whole bunch.


Q: Do you feel like you got away with some bad passes last year that maybe the defense dropped?


COOK: Most definitely, yes. I feel like a lot of things fell into place last year and luck was really on our side. I wouldn’t say that I put the ball in defensive guys’ hands that often…it happened a couple of times…but we just got lucky. So I really don’t even wanna be in that situation come this fall. So that’s what I’m mostly focusing on.


Q: Coach talked about Macgarrett being suspended right now. Who else is stepping up…


COOK: Matt Macksood for sure. He’s filling in for Macgarrett right now. You see him making plays in the scrimmages, scoring touchdowns, making plays like he just did today in practice. It’s not just him catching the ball, it’s what he’s doing after the catch. He’s catching the ball and breaking it for 60 yards, making guys miss. He’s really, really shifty for his position.


Q: What about the other guys? Shelton’s had a really good spring too.


COOK: Honestly, everyone at receiver is doing amazing to be honest. You’ve got Tony and you’ve got Keith doing great. Burbridge is really stepping up. Younger guys like Shelton, Macksood, and then DeAnthony’s emerging. I feel like we’re really, really deep in that spot. The guys that I’m working with are in the 1’s, and they’re in the 2’s. Some of the guys in the 2’s are working with the 1’s in the scrimmages. I’m developing chemistry with the 1’s and 2’s. So if a guy happens to go down or whatnot, they can separate and just have that chemistry.


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