Michigan State Offensive Coordinator Dave Warner Talks Offense, TE, QB and RB


Dave Warner: Jack Conklin, who obviously started a lot of games for us and played a lot of football for us last year, is probably one of our most improved linemen. He’s turned into a force up front for us.


Q: For the offense in the scrimmage, you just have done a few things well, too.


WARNER: We did. We did. Yeah, we did. We had some big plays. We created some things. As always, it comes down to guys making plays. You know? Guys making big-time throws, big-time catches, big-time runs. We had a few of those last week.


Q: Not common early in the spring a lot of times, is it?


WARNER: No, not normally. But again, we feel like we’ve got some pretty decent experience. The learning curve isn’t as great as it was this time a year ago.


Q: How’s Tyler O’Connor doing?


WARNER: Doing well. Played pretty good a week ago. We’re looking for him to keep coming on. One of those guys, one of those quarterback’s gotta be coming on.


Q: What kind of winter did Josiah have? He got on the field last year, helped ya. He was just a teenager a few months ago.


WARNER: Yeah, he’s a very mature teenager though. He’s very serious and goes about his business. He’s just a guy that’s gonna continue to get better, I think.


Q: Do you see a different Josiah Price having last year under his belt?


WARNER: I think. Yeah. I think. But he’s still smart enough, mature enough to know that he’s got a lot of areas he can improve on. Coach Bollman does a great job trying to continue to grow those guys and teach them new things. Josiah’s a very quick learner. He just needs to continue to grow in a lot of areas.


Q: How do you like Jeremy Langford at 210? I know he put the weight on…


WARNER: Like him. Yeah. He looks good to me. It doesn’t appear that he’s lost any speed.


Q: What’s the biggest difference between now and a year ago for Jeremy?


WARNER: I think it’s just a confidence thing with him. You can say that about a lot of our guys. But after last year and what we did and what Jeremy did, I think he’s just very confident. I think he’s leading…this is his last year coming up. He’s paid the price here, for sure. Coach says things happen for a reason. For whatever reason they happened to Jeremy, bounced around, but now he’s found his spot and he’s got one more year to show it.


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