Michigan State Spartan STAR LB Darien Harris Emerging as Dangerous and Threat on the Outside


Hondo Carpenter: So tell me how you think you’re doing.


Darien Harris: I think I’m doing well. Adjusting back to the star position, getting back out into space, getting back out onto the field. I think I’m adjusting back to that position well. That’s why they brought me here to play.


HONDO: Narduzzi’s addicted to your speed. Your speed brings a different angle.


HARRIS: Absolutely. It’s just something I was blessed with. Something I use to my advantage a lot, something that I like to have and enjoy having. I think it’s good that the coaches recognize I have that and my teammates recognize I have that. So I’m glad I can bring that to the table.


HONDO: When you cross that line and you read the play and you catch that running back going to the other side behind the line of scrimmage, how good is that?


HARRIS: It’s a great feeling. Having the ability to do that is a great feeling and a great asset to have. I really enjoy doing that, especially with the guys I have around me. My D line does a great job of opening the holes up for me. Playing to the field, playing with the Defensive Lineman of the Year, Shilique, in front of me…there’s really no better feeling than that. I know for a fact he’s gonna get his job done at an All-American level. So it just makes my job that much easier.


HONDO: Who have you tattooed?


HARRIS: I got Nick pretty good. We always go back and forth, so I got him pretty good the other day. But me and Nick Hill, we’re great friends.


HONDO: But that’s part of the fun of football. You can be friends, but when you stand between the white lines you just wanna tattoo.


HARRIS: Absolutely. When we get on this field, in spring ball especially, the offense is our enemy. When we see that different colored jersey we see red in our eyes and we wanna go attack. That’s the fun of football.


HONDO: How’s your mom and dad?


HARRIS: They’re great. They’ll be up here this weekend for the scrimmage. I’m blessed that they’re able to come out here and see me. They’re enjoying the process these last couple of years, so they’re having a great time.


HONDO: You do know he got interview of the year last year on our radio show, right? You haven’t earned that, so your dad has received an honor in football that you have not.


HARRIS: Yeah, he’s a great speaker, a great talker that was a great interview you two did…


HONDO: A great guy…I think that’s the most important part.


HARRIS: Yeah, absolutely. I couldn’t ask for a better dad in my life. He motivates me, he talks to me every day about what to do to get better. He’s the most motivating factor I’ve ever had in my life. He’s a great guy to be around. My teammates love him, my coaches love him…so that’s always gonna be good.


HONDO: For you, football has been a job. This spring it’s come back to playing… I’m seeing DeMatha Darien, am I right?


HARRIS: Yeah, absolutely. It’s back to being really fun now. I’ve always loved the game, I always will love the game, but this spring there’s just something different that just made it really fun again. And I think that goes back to talking with my dad. He said, ‘Watch LeBron play and watch the fun he has dominating the game. Incorporate that into your game and it’ll make a big difference’.


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