Michigan State Red Shirt Freshman TE/FB/H Back Dylan Chmura Getting Better Every Day and Getting Noticed For It!


Hondo Carpenter: How hard is that to go from playing in high school to being a redshirt? Or do you appreciate it? You do look bigger.


Dylan Chmura: It was a nice change-up. Sitting out a year is always tough because you feel like you can be contributing. But that past year allowed me to get so much stronger, a little bit bigger, and improve my footwork. I had a little trouble in the beginning with the left handed stance, and now I think a full year of work on that has given me a little bit of an upper hand on that coming into this year which is nice.


HONDO: You now know the playbook. When you’re practicing now you’re not thinking, you’re practicing.


CHMURA: It’s nice to be able to know that you can just go out and play every day. You don’t have to be worried about your different assignments every time. Now it’s a habit of where to go on each play. It’s a lot different this year knowing what to do than last year having to think too much.


HONDO: You strength is your instinct. Do you think when you get into fall the thinking will go away and it’ll be more instinctive?


CHMURA: I think it will be more instinctive when it comes to fall. Because they have me in at F now, a little bit of fullback, which is interesting. It’s a whole new perspective on how to block. In line stuff always comes a little bit easier, but now that I’m learning to do F I’m sure it’s all going to be less thinking and more doing.


HONDO: You’re a guy that’s not afraid to put his helmet in somebody’s chest. Does that help at fullback?


CHMURA: It’s a lot of fun when you get a running start as opposed to being just 2 yards away from the person. Now I’ve getting about 10 yards difference between me and a linebacker, and then it’s whoever is stronger is gonna win the battle.


HONDO: You’re faster than Trevon (not the road grader he is yet), so not only are you 10 yards back but it’s like you’re getting shot out of a cannon from the F position.


CHMURA: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. But getting to the guy first is very big, because if I can get a hit on him before he gets a hit on me then I’m gonna win the battle.


HONDO: Now you gotta go against the likes Shilique or Taiwan Jones and those kind of guys. That’s a little different than in high school, wouldn’t you agree?


CHMURA: Yeah, they’re so much bigger than guys that would be in high school. I have to take better angles than I would in high school and I have to get a lot lower, to the point where sometimes you have to end up on the ground when you’re diving down at their waist just so that you can get a good block on them. It’s been a challenge but I’m up for it.


HONDO: What do you enjoy most about college?


CHMURA: I love the football aspect. School has been interesting. It’s been tough. It’s a tough transition your first year coming into college. But it ended up being fun. And then obviously the social life is always a good time.


HONDO: Why do I have no doubt you are not hesitating to enjoy the social life?


CHMURA: The beginning of the year…I mean, everyone’s gotta experience it, but once you kind of see your path where you have to go, then you kind of adjust. I’ve turned into more of a school and football-oriented person now.


HONDO: A lot of guys when they first hear about Clara Bell Smith they don’t really care and they’re… Now do you see this is your friend?


CHMURA: Yeah, now it’s a huge opportunity. They give you so many things as far as tutors and mentors to help you out. When you’re alone, when you’re studying, it’s hard. You can’t really ask questions of someone who… When you have a tutor there’s someone there who can walk you through what you’re trying to learn. They’re there because they’ve been through the class already. So it’s a huge advantage to a student athlete and it really helps out.


HONDO: Coach (Dantonio) and Connor have both brought your name up saying they think you’re having a good spring. There’s a genuine chance you play as a redshirt freshman. Around here, that’s hard to do.


CHMURA: Yeah. Seeing that now I could be in the two deep on fullback is fun. And then also be there maybe 3-4 deep at tight end. Do a lot of silver, two tights, a little bit of three receivers and one fullback kind of thing, just to be able to get me into flat or anything that would be. I’m here to help the team in whatever they want me to do.







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