Star Michigan State Freshman Damion Terry Opens Up About the QB Race, His Progress and More!


Q: Talk to use about your development. Where do you think you are and how are you better?


Damion Terry: I’m light years ahead of where I was last year, just playbook-wise and signals and everything. Just getting an understanding of the game better. Connor, Tommy, Tyler, Paul…we all help each other out. Coach Salem’s been helping me out, making it all easier. We’re all just competing. It’s a going by good so far.


Q: Is the game starting to slow down for you now?


DAMION TERRY: Oh yeah, it’s definitely gotten a lot slower. I don’t know if it’s because Queze and Max left, or I’m just getting old, or nah… But it’s going a lot slower by far. Just the reads and who I’m supposed to be looking at pre-snap and just the protection calls. But everything’s going a lot smoother this year.


Q: Is this offense better today than it was in the Rose Bowl?


DAMION TERRY: Uh, I think so, yeah. We obviously wanna get back to that point, but if everything goes as planned I think we should be way better than we were last year. Coach Warner always emphasizes that we don’t wanna be in the middle of the Big 10 in stats. We wanna be #1, #2. So we’re just pushing for that and hopefully we’re there by Jacksonville State.


Q: How is it better?


DAMION TERRY: Everything. Our chemistry’s really good. We all work together. Even on off days we’ll all, Connor or somebody will get everyone together and we’ll all just come in and throw. Just the chemistry and the bond the team has, and then with Coach D and all the way down.


Q: We only saw two clips of you, no stats. You got sacked in both of them.


DAMION TERRY: Coach D must not like me…


Q: What happened Friday night?


DAMION TERRY: We did good, everyone…me, Tyler, Connor. We all got reps, we all did pretty good. Obviously we wanna do better, but… Yeah, I did get sacked a couple times and I’ll take the blame for that. No picks, nothing. I don’t even know my stats off the top of my head.


Q: Any touchdowns?


DAMION TERRY: Any touchdowns? No, no touchdowns. We drove though. We drove the ball.


Q: We know you put up those outrageous numbers in that scrimmage last year. We know you’re further along just because the numbers don’t match. How much further along are you and what do you think you still gotta get better at?


DAMION TERRY: I’m a lot better at signals, just the playbook and just offense in general, knowing my concepts and my reads and stuff. I just wanna keep getting better at that, learning everything. I wanna be able to learn, just be able to audible out of plays and stuff like that. What CC’s good at doing in just calling his own plays. Sometimes the play’s not there. Hopefully I get to that point.


Q: How important is it for you to get on the field? Are you solid in the program?


DAMION TERRY: I just try not to think about none of that. Obviously I wanna play, but whatever I can do to help the team that’s what I’m here for.


Q: Do you look at yourself right now as competing for starting the job or competing with Tyler for the #2 job?


DAMION TERRY: Number one is obviously Connor. They probably say everything’s open to everyone, but Connor’s working right now. Me and Tyler get the majority of the 2’s. I mean we might get a 1 here and there, but that’s CC’s job.


Q; So how is the competition going between you two then?


DAMION TERRY: It’s going good. Me and Tyler are great friends, we hang out off the field, we’re always looking to help each other. We’re never just down on anyone. We’re good friends on and off the field. We’re always telling each other we could have done differently on this play, or here or there. But he’s a good freind and a good teammate.


Q: Would you say he’s ahead of you right now?


DAMION TERRY: I wouldn’t say that, I mean… I don’t know. It’s spring ball, my first spring ball. He knows a little more than me so he starts it off for sure. I’m still learning.


Q: The audible packages are really checks. Would you like to see them open the audible packages and let you guys really audible?


DAMION TERRY: Uhhhh, that would be nice. Every quarterback would probably want that, but I don’t see it coming.


Q: We’ve probably talked more about packages for you more than anybody on the team because we know what you’re capable of. Do you think that’s still a possibility?


DAMION TERRY: I think it is for sure. Just a lot of the new run plays we’re starting to bring in and implement in our offense. We’re starting a lot more read plays. Coach Salem always jokes that we’re skilled QBs now…so I guess he doesn’t think we’re athletic. But no, everything’s going good. I definitely see it as a possibility, but we’ll see if…


Q: Is that kind of on you to force that hand, to be that good? Is that kind of how you look at it?


DAMION TERRY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely. I think Coach Warner and the offensive staff is bringing up some possibilities. They wanna see how it’s working right now in the spring, and then maybe fall camp they might have packages and stuff.


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