Spartan Nation Says Goodbye to a Princess…

Photo courtesy of MSU SID Photo courtesy of MSU SID

Spartan Nation Says Goodbye to a Princess…

The crowd was quiet. The night air was still, softly illuminated by the glow of smartphones, media cameras, and the light of hundreds of candles. That was the scene Wednesday night as students of Michigan State University joined together with their basketball team to celebrate the life of Lacey Holsworth.

Gathered around “the Rock”, a boulder on campus commonly painted by student groups, the crowd of people stood together as one, some praying, others crying, all remembering the little girl who managed to impact our world with her courage, her love, and her smile. One by one, students stepped forward to write a final message to Princess Lacey.

In the heart of the circle stood Adrian Payne. He called Lacey his little sister. She called him Superman. Their friendship became a national story, capturing the hearts of not only MSU fans, but the world. As the news of Lacey’s passing this morning spread throughout social media, the outpouring of support was simply overwhelming.

Word soon spread about a student led memorial taking place on campus and with the help of social media, information about the event circulated across the MSU community.

As the sun began to disappear, the crowd began to grow. The message painted on “the Rock” was simple and genuine reading “MSU Loves Princess Lacey.” As the night went on, MSU band members led the crowd in the singing of the Alma Mater.

In the heart of the crowd of students stood Head Coach Tom Izzo and members of the MSU basketball team, all there to remember their biggest fan and greatest inspiration.

Addressing the crowd, Izzo said that it was the proudest he has been of the University in his 30 years at Michigan State. And it’s all thanks to Lacey.

Tragedy often brings out the best or the worst in people. The loss of Lacey is heartbreaking, but the life she lived, the lessons she taught, the goodness she brought to this world, will shine on forever.

Lacey brought out the best in us through her grace, her fight, and her love. She was only given a short time on this earth, but just look at what she was able to accomplish. Tonight, we mourn her loss, but we must also be thankful that were blessed with the chance to know this incredible young girl, even if it was only for a brief moment.

Love like Lacey.

We here at Spartan Nation would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to Lacey’s entire family. Rest in peace Princess. May all of us upon our passing be able to say we left our world a better place. You did honey.


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