2016 Big Man Austin Davis is Emerging As An Elite Basketball Talent As National Attention Finds him in Onsted, Michigan

Center Austin Davis out of Onsted, Michigan may only be a sophomore in high school, but he is a player you will definitely want to keep your eyes on in the years to come. Already 6’10 and 240 pounds, Austin has caught the attention of the Spartans and Wolverines in state as well as many other big time programs nationally.

Despite his obvious gifts as a player, the first thing you often will hear about Austin usually has nothing to do with his athletic abilities. Those recruiting this young man are struck by his humility, character, and wiliness to accept coaching. These attributes did not materialize out of thin air. Instead, Austin comes from a fine family with parents who have raised him the right way. Recently, Austin and his father Eric Davis joined Hondo Carpenter Sr. on Spartan Nation Radio to talk about family, character, and Austin’s basketball future.

As a father, Eric Davis told listeners that he and his wife both work hard to try and keep Austin’s life relatively normal, regardless of all the attention he is receiving on a daily basis. “We really try to keep him grounded,” said Eric, “keep him working on school, concentrated on his teammates, concentrated on daily life and just let him be a kid.”

Nearly a 4.0 student in high school, Austin has been raised to understand that there is more to life than just being a great basketball player. His father credits the many people in Austin’s life who have helped him develop into a well-rounded and successful young man. “He’s been surrounded by great friends, great teammates, great teachers, we have a really great community that supports all of our young people,” said Eric. “I think it’s a collaborative effort; you are what your surroundings are.”

As only a sophomore, Austin still has yet to fully develop into his large body. “He’s got a size 18 shoe, he’s still growing into that body, still trying to make those big old feet move,” said his father. However, for a player to have a skill set as polished Austin’s at this young of an age is extremely impressive.

Possessing surprisingly soft hands for a big man, a smooth outside shot, and solid ball handling skills, Eric said that Austin’s repertoire of skills are expanding on an almost daily basis. The eight month old highlight videos on YouTube that attracted so much attention are no longer good indications of the player Austin has become, according to his father. “Just moving wise, jumping wise, shooting wise, he’s a 100 percent different athlete.”

Eric, a former college basketball player himself at Adrian College, said that while his son has many strong attributes as a player, he has always been most impressed by his composure in high pressure situations. No matter the circumstances, “he never seems to get rattled,” said Eric.

For Austin, it is just exciting to see all of his dedication paying off. He understands how rare it is to be blessed with the opportunity to play at such a high level and stressed that he is enjoying the recruiting process. “I am just happy that finally my hard work is getting noticed,” he said. “I’m liking the attention right now. It’s humbling that I am finally getting recognized. It’s very fun and I am excited for the future.”

Austin’s only fault may be that he sometimes is too unselfish on the court trying to get others involved. For such a talented young player, this is not a significant problem to worry about and reinforces what so many already know about Austin’s character. “He so badly wants the players around him to be better,” said Eric. Rather than caring about ego or individual statistics, Austin would rather win the game and succeed, according to his father.

Eric told listeners that Austin’s high school coach has been in contact with Spartan assistant coach Dane Fife. Coming from a passionate basketball family Austin told listeners that he is very familiar with MSU basketball and has great respect for way they play. “Obviously they are very well coached and they incorporate their big men well, like Adrian Payne. I know he is a phenomenal player, I love watching him.” he said.

While he promises to be one of the most coveted players in the 2016 class, Austin Davis is so much more than just a gifted basketball player. His parents and family have done a terrific job raising a humble and hardworking young man and teaching him the skills needed to be successful both on and off the court. While he is a long way away from making any decisions, we hear at Spartan Nation wish Austin the best of luck during his entire recruiting process and hope to stay in touch with him and his family.

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