Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…

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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…



Hondo, when Izzo said Appling wouldn’t be back health wise to where he was it was in my opinion him holding up the white flag of surrender for this season.  Keith

Keith, I didn’t see it that way.  Perhaps it was you deciding that without Keith back they can’t win it all.  That may be a viable opinion, but I don’t see it that way and I don’t think Izzo does either.


Hondo-Love the weekly Q&A articles.  First time poster so be gentle.  Put on your Mark Hollis hat…..assume the Spartans fulfill their dreams and win the National Championship in March and Coach Izzo sadly decides to retire.  What 3 current coaches outside the program get your first three calls?  Thanks, Derek Garden


1)      Brad Stevens, the Celtics coach, would have been the next coach at MSU had he not taken the Celtics job.  I suspect that with him having some success this season it may be harder to get him from the NBA, but he and Hollis are close friends and he would get the first call or perhaps better said, “The most important call.”

2)      Sean Miller, the coach at Arizona, would have to be the leader at this moment.  He is everything that Hollis looks for in a head coach and more.  He would be as good as Stevens and I believe MSU would have a great shot at getting him here.  The only question would be how much they would have to pay.  I think MSU would like to get out from under the $4 million per year that they pay Izzo.  How much less could they get Miller for?  He currently makes $2.3 million.

3)      There is a third candidate that I am aware of who would crawl to come here.  I think most feel there is no chance and where he works at this time doesn’t suspect at all that another job would interest him.  I can tell you that he is very successful and would instantly fire up this fan base.


Hondo, I love your information and recently you did an article in which you were asked about current assistants replacing Izzo.  You said 0% if Izzo were to leave this year.  Why would they not get an interview?  Kerri


They would.  I wasn’t asked about an interview.  I was asked what percentage chance I thought that one of them would land the job.  0% and I stand by that more today, than ever.


Hi Hondo, I am a Wolverine fan, but I am not a hater.  I respect that you are fair and you always treat us with respect.  Here is my question.  As MSU football improves, Spartans fans are always yapping about MSU being better than UM now.  I disagree based on our past, and our tradition and legacy.  They say that we are stuck in the past.  Now UM fans are saying that UM is better or equal in basketball and MSU fans like Draymond Green send out pictures of the banners and say get a few of your own.  I don’t think we have caught MSU yet in hoops, but you haven’t us in football either.  Why can’t MSU fans use the same logic for both sports?  Allan


Why can’t UM fans? Simple, Allan, fan is short for FANatic and people are going to skew things in whatever prism they choose to.  Please don’t ask people to operate at a level of rationality in a sports world that is irrational.  I agree that neither program’s legacy in either sport is equal. I would also say that both programs are closer RIGHT NOW in both sports than they have ever been.


Hondo, I would hope that Branden Dawson would transfer after this year for being so selfish and costing the Spartan Nation a national title.  Mike


Mike, I wish that you would think before you type.  There is a lot to the Dawson injury.  Unfortunate, no doubt.  Should he have done it?  Of course not, but there is a lot and I want him in green and white and think the world of him.  Be careful to make broad sweeping statements Mike, because they can come back to cause regret.


Hi Hondo, I’ve long been amazed by how much a whole team can be down emotionally for a game.  Nebraska or Purdue games, but they are a case in point.  Maybe this is a million dollar question that every coach would love having the answer, but do you have any insights on how a team can be so flat overall; they play far below their ability? Tim Price San Diego


Great question and it is worth probably a couple million dollars.  First, you have 14 individuals plus assistants ON BOTH SIDES.  One person can change a dynamic, or maybe they went too hard or too soft in a practice.  We don’t know how they are getting along.  Anytime you put 14 players and four coaches, 18 testosterone filled type A male achievers, in a room there is a dynamic there.  No answer, but it can be frustrating.

Hi Hondo, about the basketball team. I know they have gone through so many injuries and illnesses, but this late in the season, does it concern you on how Jekyll and Hyde this team has become? Invisible against Nebraska and lights out against Purdue. Then right back to not showing up in the 2nd half against UM. Does this stem just because of the injuries, or is there something else in the way of the chemistry of this team? They just can’t seem to play good solid back to back games.   Thanks, Bruce

Of course it is a concern.  A big concern.  As stated in the previous answer, there are so many dynamics that have to be worked out and it is tough.  Teams that can sustain it win championships.  A lot of talented teams (MSU 2011) have failed because they couldn’t handle the load of expectation, and many teams that shouldn’t have won it did.


Hondo, I’ve seen a lot of negative articles written about MSU after the Michigan loss and I was just wondering once we get Branden Dawson back if you still think this team can make a final four run and possibly further.  I’m trying to stay optimistic.  Thanks!  Jacob

Can they?  For sure.  Will they?  If they can get back and adjust to each other, they are the team to beat.  I still like this team.  I am a buyer not a seller, but chemistry will determine how far they go.


Hondo, I have a little issue.  I bought tickets for an MSU game when the Izzone was gone and sat behind the Spartans bench.  Coach Izzo is not kind with how he speaks to people.  I don’t mind that.  I like his fire and passion and blue collar roots.  What I don’t like is how media and coaches are getting on fans for how they talk to players or refs?  They play a warning before the games about using abusive or obscenity language.  Perhaps they should realize maybe the people in the seats are reflecting what is going on by those we are coming to see?  William in Midland

Interesting point William!  What do you think about what he said Spartan Nation?  Email me and tell me.


There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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  1. dBone February 26, 2014 at 3:06 pm #

    I bet he talking about Larry Brown. He’s got it going at SMU, but for MSU? I think you’d see names that big willing to vamanos. Or maybe he’s thinking Bill Self. Hmm.

    • M February 26, 2014 at 5:21 pm #

      My money is on he is referencing Crean.

    • M February 26, 2014 at 5:34 pm #

      Also, I think others too old, Self might be on the cusp, but I think still too old.