Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, any word on how Brandon Clemons is doing on the OL since he moved there from the DL?  Carlos

He is back with the DL.


Hondo, you told us about James Bodanis and Brandon moving to OL, any other position changes during this winter workout time?  Pat

Yes Pat. I addressed one above. Noah Jones and Devyn Salmon have moved to OL as well.  Who knows if they stick, but they are there for now.


Hondo, you have any thoughts on the MLB position?  I know that you reported and Pat Narduzzi confirmed that Darien Harris was the man coming out of the bowl.  What do you know?  Any changes?  Eli

Yes.  If the season started today, Taiwan Jones would be your MIKE (Middle) Darien Harris your STAR and Ed Davis as your WILL.


Hondo, I hate your guts.  Ron

Thanks Ron.  Should I not count on that Christmas card next year?


Hondo: Any concern that all the accolades and positive attention given to QB Connor Cook will go to his head and damper his development? Dan Wadowski 

Great question, but you never know how someone handles success. How a man handles success can’t be judged by their age, race, socio-economic background or anything especially when he is as young as Connor is.  Does he go the way of A.J. McCarron or Johnny Manziel?  I would assume on the first, but he is going to get pushed with some great QB’s behind him (even though he is the clear front runner), so I expect him to be fine.


Hondo, I was on eBay and saw a number of Connor Cook signed memorabilia items for sale there.  I thought student athletes are not supposed to do this? To be honest, they are getting paid for this, right? George

No.  People can get things autographed and sell them.  Or you can find student athletes after every game bombarded with people holding multiple helmets or pictures to have signed that everyone knows will go on EBAY.  Sadly, the player either just signs it or feels bad for saying no.  MSU does a terrible job of protecting their student athletes from this exploitation.  They should simply tell the players YOU DO NOT SIGN for anyone that looks old enough to be your age or older or anyone with multiple items.  PERIOD.  MSU could police it and they choose not to.  It’s a joke.  Everyone is making money on the student athlete OTHER than the athlete.


Hondo do you have any idea when the football banquet will be?  Melanie

Yes the 27th or 28th of April.  Only opinion, but I think the 27th.  The day after the spring game.


Hondo, several months ago it was announced that the coaches were in line for significant pay increases.  I have not heard anything.  Is there a timeline for this to happen?  Ray

I reached out to MSU Super AD Mark Hollis and he said on the record, “Have not signed Coaches contracts…I do not comment until complete.” 


That said Ray; I reached out to member of the MSU Board of Trustees.  They have been asked NOT to comment publicly, but he told me on condition of anonymity, “At this point ANYTHING (emphasis was made by Trustee) that Mark Hollis would want for anything would get rubber stamped by this board.  They (contracts) should be announced sooner rather than later.”


Hondo any idea when pro will be for MSU?  Allan

March 11 

Hondo, keep up the great work.  I love how you have great information on all of the sports all year round.  Great stuff.  I feel like I count on you to keep the Rose Bowl season alive until next year and I love you for it.  Saw a picture of you recently and you look great.  Keep it up.  Meghan

Thanks Meghan.  Check is in the mail.  I misspelled Megan. 


Hondo I heard another media member say that they think Riley Bullough will play any of the three linebacker spots.  What do you think?  Samuel

I would respectfully disagree and I am certain you may have misheard them.  The STAR is based on speed, speed and more speed.  I talked with him this week and he is going to compete for MIKE and WILL.  He could play STAR, but not ideal for the position.


There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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