Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…

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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


Hondo, is it just me or is Adreian Payne throwing temper tantrums at his teammates and even Izzo having to beg him to listen a concern?  Is AP getting a little big for his britches?  Kendall

That is a really good observation.  I can tell you that whether it was Izzo talking about having to tell him “Please Listen” (Hear Izzo talk about that HERE) or his going after teammates that can and at times has worn thin.  He is a great player, but I think he needs to temper it.


Hi Hondo, I live just north of Fort Wayne IN. And there is the #1 kid in the state who plays for Homestead High School for the class 2016. I have seen highlights and read good articles about him. Caleb Swanigan. He is big bodied player like Nix, but really working hard on his moves. I have heard MSU is looking at him as in many other schools. Do you know how hard MSU is looking after him, and is he interested in MSU? Bruce

MSU wants Swanigan bad.  He is a versatile player and this close to the state of Michigan he is your prototypical Izzo recruit.  He would be a major pickup for the Spartans if they could land him.


Hondo, do you think MSU will start recruiting Josh Cunningham more seriously with the need of a big? Jacob

Not sure I would call him a big, but he is a great player Jacob.  He is a small forward in my book.  Talking with people around Cunningham, Indiana is the team to beat for him.  With the struggles the Hoosiers are having this year, could MSU come in and pounce?  There is a chance, but there is some work to do there.  I don’t expect him in the green and white.


Hi Hondo, It seems at times that there are a lot of negative e-mails that come from members of Spartan Nation concerning football and basketball….such as ragging on players and sometimes the coaches, too. I hope people keep in mind a B1G Ten Championship and Rose Bowl victory in football and several quality wins and a shot at a National Championship in basketball. I don’t think there is another university in the country that has enjoyed this much success. I hope Spartan Nation realizes what we have, and folks take the time to have fun with it…really enjoy the moments. Remember, this sort of thing is hard to sustain.  Ron in Celina

Great email Ron.  I am amazed at so many fans that have to look hard to find negative things to complain about.  Some people need to take a trip to Realville where I serve as mayor.  You would think that MSU is Purdue with the way so many of them act.


Hi Hondo, You hear any buzz about this Gill-Caesar kid as to whether he will reclass to 2014 and if we have a shot at him? Is there a deadline by which he has to make a decision on reclassifying?  Thanks.  Dave


For those that don’t know, MGC is technically a member of the 2015 class.  BUT, he is a rock star in the class room and will have all he needs to graduate early.  So he could reclassify for the 2014 class.  He has not made a decision yet and does not need to make one prior to signing day.  I broke a story that he was telling people MSU would get an official visit and IF he does reclassify Kentucky and MSU would be his leading two, but far from settled.  If he stays 2015, it is WIDE open as to where he could/would go.


Hondo, I just want to congratulate you on all of the great coverage at Spartan Nation.  Top to bottom the best and I just wanted to say thank you.  Christie


Come on Mom, I told you not to do this.  It’s embarrassing.  Thanks Christie.


Hondo…You seem to have the best perspective of anyone I read on what’s happening under the surface of Spartan Sports. Am I mistaken in thinking that free throw shooting is this team’s Achilles heel? Is my perception correct that this has been a year-long problem, and that it seems to be getting worse? Or am I drawing an erroneous conclusion based on just a few recent games (when one of the better FT guys—Payne—has been out)?  Bill Kerans

I agree, it is a major concern, but I can tell you sitting at practice they are all over it.  It isn’t for a lack of effort or attention; that is what makes it mind boggling.  I do agree that if they don’t get the ship fixed quick, when tournament time comes, hack a Spartan could become an ingenious strategy.


Hondo, you are the most ignorant blow hard in media.  My ears hurt having to listen to your voice and my eyes crack having to look at you.  Do the Spartan Nation a favor and die.  Go cover politics because we don’t need your kind in sports.  William


So, what do you think about quantitative easing William?  Someone needs a hug, get over here you big lug.


There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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