MSU head coach Tom Izzo took some time to talk to the media today and had a lot of good information after watching the film of the Nebraska loss and much more.  Here is part of that:


In evaluating everything I would say that it’s time for a sense of urgency more than it is a sense of panic.  Very disappointed.  After watching the film I came up with two things that stood out incredibly well.  We did not play with a sense of urgency from the opening tip, losing that, to the first play missing a three and letting them get going.  Then they hit shot after shot after shot and I guess watching it in person the shots seemed like good shots and watching them in film they made some incredible shots.  Incredible shot.  At least five, incredible shots.  All of them were threes.  I am not sure I would want them guarded any differently but, offensively a lot better screening. 

Adreian walked around half the night like he was dead tired which doesn’t totally surprise me.  It’s almost like things catch up.  The lack of practice with players, I mean Keith, I felt bad for him because we put him in a situation when Trav got in foul trouble.  We were going to play Keith from the get go and when Trav got in foul trouble he had to play more minutes.  Because of that there was not timing on things. 

We looked a little dysfunctional which has happened a couple of times this year and we found ways to fight through it and this time we didn’t.  I still say they deserve some credit and we deserve some blame. 

We got three weeks left in the season and it’s a big three weeks. We got some big games coming up including the one, the first one coming up against Purdue.  Their record may not be as good as some, but if you look at their games they are coming off of their best performance against Indiana.  They do a couple of things that will bother us.  By far they are the most physical team that we will play.  They play ten guys ten minutes or more.  I think in the last game they play eight guys 18 or 16 minutes or more which is unbelievable.  So they are going to just keep bringing waves of guys at you and I don’t know where will be as far as who will be back. 

I do know that Dawson he won’t be playing on Thursday and Appling no clue right now.  Played a little bit.  You guys watched him, you guys saw him.  A little rusty which I understood.  Hand didn’t seem to get any worse, yet when you watch him shoot or pass the ball you can definitely tell that it isn’t back 100%. 

When you look at some of the teams.  People had given up on Wisconsin; they come back and get some big wins.  There were times people looked at Ohio State and asked what happened?  Nebraska won six out of eight games and if they keep shooting like they did against us they are going to win some more games.

If we don’t start playing with a little more passion.  The hardest part is that we played with some incredible passion and Adreian comes back and guys are standing around waiting for him to do something.  He has to learn to play with our guys again too.  He’s out a month and just made some poor defensive decisions. 

Our break is nowhere near where it was.  It was pretty good against Penn State but we just kind of walked it up the other night and most of that was guys taking it out of bounds and down the middle.  We have to get Costello and Payne playing better and we have to figure out where Appling is.  The one thing I am going to do is whoever practices is going to play this week.  Sometimes you look at teams, like Kyrie Irving, that’s an exception because he is an all-star player, but it’s a team full of stars.  When you try to move two or three guys around if you don’t practice you can’t throw one in.  That’s been a little bit of a problem for us. 

I am going to really take a look at myself and figure out I am just not made that way.  We got to practice like we are going to play and get back to doing the war drill and having some fun in practice and getting after it a little bit.  Who can’t play can’t play, and who can play can play and will go from there.

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  1. Spatybob February 17, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

    The Spartans were outplayed and OUTCOACHED.
    Really surprised of the latter.