Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I feel so sorry for Malik McDowell.  As a mother I can’t even imagine doing that to my son.  I won’t say anything bad about her, just that it makes my heart break.  Not because he wanted to be a Spartan.  I would feel the same if he wanted to be a Wolverine.  Just the situation.  I am praying for them.  Alice


Hi Hondo, in a recent article Brad Salem stated that:
“He expected spring ball to start with Tyler O’Connor and Damon Terry as co-no. 2 at quarterback behind starter Connor Cook.  Who handles the scout team qb position during the season if that turns out to be the situation?  Will one or the other be named as the no. 2 qb and the other is the scout team qb?  Thanks, Dave 

Don’t forget that they do have walk-on QBs as well, but normally the redshirting QB takes the scout team reps.  With no incoming QB that will be interesting to see.  With O’Connor and Terry being young, the more reps could be the merrier for #3.  We shall see.


Hondo, Just some fun speculation, in a few years where do you think the defensive line of Cooper, McDowell, Smith, and Evans will rank all time at MSU?  David

That is the makeup of a D line that is all NFL ready and what National Championship teams crave.  Things are good in Beast Lansing and don’t forget Beedle.


Hi Hondo, I heard that Taiwan Jones would like to get a look at MLB. What do you think of that possibility? Chris

They will start with Darien Harris who was originally brought in to play the STAR.  They will look hard and fit guys in their best places.  If he is the best, he can get it.  Nothing is set in stone.


Just curious about the Oregon game being moved up a week. I read that it had to do with TV and to ensure it would not be a night game. So the team lost the chance to have two weeks to prep for the game.  Was the decision to move the game all about avoiding a night game? Which I could understand although I thought night games for any program were highly coveted. Or did MSU not have much say in the move being the road team? Steven Culp

A night game on the West Coast is an 11 pm kickoff in the East.  I love that they moved it.


Hondo, if you could defend Michigan State’s academics it would be appreciated. It feels like we’re under attack.  With this whole Malik McDowell thing, Jabari Parker saying he wanted to go to a school with top academics, I think we need to defend our position and clear the air and put forth the facts.  Michigan State University is a PUBLIC IVY according to Greene’s Guides (…not some guy who just started a blog, but someone who was the director of admissions @ Princeton who went on to create a consulting firm and publishing business) 13 years ago wrote a book stating Michigan State University is one of the 30 PUBLIC IVYs in the country. We are a top public flagship institution in the United States.  See the following:
Please use your platform and ability to reach and influence thousands of people to spread the word and consistently keep bringing up the fact that we are a public ivy.  Thanks George in Chicago

There you go George.  I think you did a pretty good job yourself buddy.


Hondo I want to see Michigan State start construction on expanding Spartan Stadium to 110,000 seats.  We are the better program in the state and I am sick of Michigan and their discussion of a Big House.  We are winners now.  What do you think?  Clint

WOWZA!  Do you need a snack?  Let’s worry about selling out late season games with a Rose Bowl on the line first.  Why build it when they can’t routinely fill what they have.  MSU would love to expand if the demand was there.


Hondo I want to see MSU leave the Big Ten and join the SEC.  Delany favors UM and OSU and we can compete now with the best.  The time to make the move is now.  Gerald

Gerald…buddy…step away from the computer…take three deep breaths and call 911.  Some men in white coats will arrive.  They will want to put you in a nice swaddling coat with no arms and they will take you to a happy place.  In the meantime…NOOOOOOO!


Hondo, after Wednesday would you mind telling us which young men from the 2014 class will have the most significant impact this coming season? Scott Lehr

Great question and I have no idea.  MSU has few spaces that someone can make a move from this class.  Certainly, DL or DB has a good shot as well as RB no doubt.  Speedy playmakers can make big impacts early.


Hondo, you said last week that you didn’t expect Jayru Campbell to be a Spartan when he signs his national letter.  Still feel that way?  Keith

Yes, without a doubt.  I will be shocked and stunned if he is a Spartan and I do not anticipate it AT ALL.


There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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  1. speock February 12, 2014 at 4:41 pm #

    Expanding Spartan Stadium to 110k, ha. That made me laugh out loud. Lansing is a small town that can’t fill 77k regularly. The better bet might be to trim it up a bit and be like Oregon. Tight, compact, and loud