Mark Dantonio & Jim Bollman Thrilled to Add Monster OL Chase Gianacakos in 2014 Michigan State Class

The 2014 MSU football recruiting class is loaded with talent top to bottom. While he may not be the highest profile player in the Spartan class, 6-5 280 pound offensive tackle Chase Gianacakos out of Saint Charles North High School in Illinois is a monster with big time skills.

Chase is a blend of strength, smarts, and agility. Blessed with surprisingly quick feet for a man of his size, Gianacakos told Spartan Nation Radio that he uses his quickness to his advantage when pass blocking. “Once I lock on (to a defender), I can just kind of dance with him and keep him in front of me.”

As an early MSU commit, Gianacakos said that initially some people were “giving him some crap” for choosing to be a Spartan. “There’s a lot of Michigan fans at my school actually so I was hearing a about them in the preseason.” After the Spartans took care of the Wolverines this season and then went on to win the Big Ten title and Rose Bowl championship, Gianacakos noticed quite a shift in the attitudes of his classmates in regards to MSU. “I know Michigan State gained a lot of Spartan fans from my school especially through the run. Everyone asks my about it about it all the time because they know someone that’s going to a place that just won the Big ten Championship and won the Rose Bowl.”

Gianacakos told Spartan Nation Radio that he and fellow MSU commit Gerald Owens actually watched the Spartan Rose Bowl victory on a cell phone while the two players signed autographs at the Offense Defense High School All-Star Game in Orlando, Florida.

While being blessed with obvious athletic abilities, Gianacakos is truly a better young man than he is a football player. Homeschool by his mother until high school, Chase was raised by his parents to “treat people the way I’d like to be treated.”

Deeply committed to his faith, Gianacakos believes that his character as a young man is a testament to his Christian upbringing. “I think that just having that relationship with the lord helped me make decisions on and off the field and I think molded me into the person I am today.”

In Michigan State, Gianacakos saw not just football program that would help him develop as a player, but an environment that would allow him to grow as a person with his faith. He was greatly impressed by the convictions of Head Coach Mark Dantonio, who is “not ashamed” to pray with his team after games or before team meals. According to Gianacakos, the coaches at MSU stress the importance of not just growing as a student or player but also becoming better people. It was this kind atmosphere ultimately attracted him to East Lansing.

Chase Gianacakos strengths as a football player are only outshined by his integrity and class as a person. The MSU football program is extremely lucky to have such a quality young man headed its way next season and we here at Spartan Nation are excited to watch his development both on and off the field during his time at Michigan State.

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