Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…

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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


Hey Hondo, Any concern from Izzo about Trice’s inconsistent play in big games? I feel like going back to last year the games against Indiana stick out (and I know he wasn’t himself last year coming back from the virus), and the games against Kentucky, UNC, and now the game against UM this year stick out as games in which he struggled. Adam Briggs

Travis has fought injury.  Has he played his best 100% of the time?  No, but I think Tom’s worries are more about getting all the 10 guys playing to be more consistent.  Rather than just running through the yellow light, I would suggest slowing down a bit before passing judgment on Travis.


Hondo, If Montaque Gill-Caesar reclassifies to 2014, I think he will be a Spartan. Percentage odds of being true?  William Owens

I think they have good odds, but I wouldn’t put a number on it.  Not even saying they would be a front runner, but good odds.


Hi Hondo, You are always glowing about how much Keith Appling has matured, improved, etc. over the past few years.  Can you give more details on how he used to be?  Was he just shy and a non-leader?  Or was it rudeness, arrogance or something like that?  Thank you, Chris Buechler

Chris, the change has been so dramatic that I don’t think it is fair to him to say how much.  Let me just put it in this frame of reference.  I would have never wanted my son to be the old Keith Appling, and now I am proud he wears his jersey and looks up to him.  Keith has blossomed into a great young man who happens to play basketball.


Hondo, I’m in my 60s, and know that it gets harder to stay sharp and emotionally solid as you get older.  Tom Izzo turns 59 on Jan. 30, and he seems to be more emotional than ever lately – the meltdown with Denzel Valentine, the tears after the Michigan loss.  We all love the man, but the pressure on him is unbelievable.  Do you think he’s OK, and how much longer do you expect him to coach? Tom Coren

OK?  For sure.  I think if you were to ask those of us MSU beat writers who cover him every day, none of us would expect him to return next season if he wins the national title.  He has talked often of wanting one more.  I also think the NBA fire burns in him and with one of his best friends on planet earth the GM in Minnesota I think at some point that conversation will happen.  I don’t know when and I don’t think Tom does.  No matter who follows him, this era will go down like the days of Duffy and we all know how long it took to return to glory in football.


Hondo, do you think Hollis is ready for the day Izzo leaves or will he be taken with surprise? Kerri

He is ready.  He has a plan.


Hondo, I really appreciate you reminding people about how tough Keith Appling is and how hard he plays.  I forget as well and when I remember that he probably shouldn’t be playing with that wrist it puts it in perspective.  Brian

Thanks Brian.  He is a tough young man and while Izzo calls Gary Harris his best player, Appling is his most important.


Hondo, what pot holes do you see developing for MSU when and if the day comes Izzo retires or leave?  Marcus

Internal.  If MSU basketball takes a step back after Izzo retires, it will be from people trying to put pressure on Hollis to pick the next candidate that they want to suit their agenda.  MSU needs to stay completely away from him and let him pick.  I know some and what their agendas are when Tom leaves and if Hollis does not get complete autonomy in making this decision Spartan Nation could be facing a disaster.  Spartan Nation, when the day comes must insist the board, the President, alumni and donors stay out of the mix.  ONE man should hire the next coach and his name is Mark Hollis.


This just in from the I CAN’T WIN bureau.

Hondo, your defense of Branden Dawson’s stupidity makes me question your ability and talent to do your job.  He is a selfish baby who should have immediately lost his scholarship for this worthless act of stupidity.  Thomas

Hondo, I want to thank you for reminding people that what Dawson did was not smart, that he is a young man who made a mistake.  He did it in a place of passion and although disappointing, it is not like he killed anyone or committed a crime.  Thank you for always bringing things back around to a real place.  David


Sorry Hondo, but you are the most ignorant big buffoon on planet earth.  Time for Izzo to kick Kenny Kaminski off the team.  He obviously can’t cut it at MSU and with Izzo mentioning having to change the lineup because once again he can’t make it to class, enough is enough.  Nathan

Hondo, I am frustrated as anyone with Kaminski, but I really like the perspective that he is eligible and he is a good kid.  I skipped a lot of classes and graduated with honors.  You are right; he is a freshman and just has to grow up.  Thanks for being willing to stick your neck out on a good kid and not on others.  I trust you.  Dan


Hondo, if Izzo wins the title and retires after this season, what is the percentage chance that a current assistant gets the head coaching job?  Not asking what you would want, just what do you think?  Curtis



There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.


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  1. Ken February 6, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Next year, dont you thinkits ging to be a down year for MSU basketball?
    The depth is going to be non existent and only one recruit of noteworthy quality. I hope I’m wrong…