MSU head basketball coach Tom Izzo spoke to the media today. He reflected on the Georgetown game, Adreian Payne’e health and Penn State coming up this week.  Here is some of that:

Well it’s hard to believe that we are at the halfway point and as Jud used to say, “This is one of the other times of year when things get a little crazy.”  If you look nationwide it’s gotten a little crazy.

After looking at the film of the Georgetown game, as hard and as good as we played against Iowa we did not play as good, we did not play as hard we did not play of course as good against Georgetown.    We just didn’t make shots, didn’t make free throws and just didn’t rebound the ball.  Disappointed in that one of the reasons we went there was to see how we reacted on a big stage and how we handled it.  I told my team we flunked the test and yet we had good practices.  I felt good about that, our preparation and yet in getting there instead of looking intense I thought we looked cool.  Cool is not the right way to be right now.  With all the upsets last week, with all the teams that lost in the top 25 or top 10 watching some games last night it seems like a lot of people are running in to the same problems.  That doesn’t make me feel any better because that is how you separate yourself by not.

We have played pretty good basketball if you look at the last couple of weeks.  We’ve played harder.  We’ve played better in some areas.  So I can’t let one game change that. 

Looking forward to getting Adreian back.  To what degree?  He practiced last night, probably a third of the practice.  I think he looked pretty good as far as moving on that left foot.  It’s going to be another part of the process and I wouldn’t get fooled by him in a uniform.  I thought watching the TV copy on the plane home, they had a stat on there that showed Adreian’s missed six games and this guy has missed five and this guys has missed four and this guys has missed two or three and in Trice’s case he has missed two or three games, but you know it’s the practices he has missed and where your body is at.  The games aren’t as big as deal as the other things that are missing.  There is going to be a lot of little things we have to adjust to with Adreian being back.  It’s going to be a plus, but it’s not going to be smooth either. 

How much he will play on Thursday I wish I knew.  Maybe by Thursday morning I will no more because it’s going to be day to day but at least there seems to be some significant progress without any real soreness.  I think the hardest thing he is going to have to deal with is what is sore and what is sore like what you guys will go through when you haven’t done anything in a couple of months and your wife asks you to take out the garbage and you got a sore back afterwards.   Some of it is non-use and some of it is the injury.  He is the only one that can determine that.  I met with him this morning and he was doing pretty well concerning everything he has been through. 

Penn State is said at the beginning of the year was a sleeper, them and Iowa.  We beat them there.  We were down seven at halftime, we beat them there.  Then they went and got blown out by Illinois, but since then really could have won six of their next seven games.  They lost by two, by one, by two.  Then they won three in a row and when you win three in a row at Penn State after it has not been done that often, I know what kind of lift that gives you. 

This game is very concerning to me.  As  I listen to people I think everyone is going to look at this game and say you beat them by 15 or 17 whatever you beat them by there.  I think the same was true about Indiana and  we didn’t handle that very well.

I think Newbill is playing unbelievably well.  He has averaged 20 a game in their three wins.  Frazier is one of my favorite guys because of what he has gone through and how he has played.  He’s come back from that injury and he’s really bounced back well.

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