Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I say shame on you Sparties for not coming out with a statement that Jayru Campbell has had his scholarship revoked.  Proves that at MSU winning is more important that how you do it.  Mel

Dear Genius, The NCAA prohibits schools from commenting on recruits UNTIL their Letter of Intent (LOI) is signed.  The LOI for his class would be signed in December of this year if he was an early enrollee or February of 2015 if he was not.  So because he isn’t signed, MSU can’t comment.  Take your fake disgust and finish my order.  I would like fries with that.


Hondo, do you think Jayru Campbell will have his scholarship taken away?  Thank You.  Jacob

I do not expect Jayru Campbell will be a Spartan when he signs his college Letter of Intent.


Hondo, Recruiting services are calling Gerald Owens a FB.  Isn’t Owens projected to play TB when he arrives in East Lansing?  Mike in Maryland

Yes, he is.  MSU doesn’t offer full backs out of high school.  They did it one time under Dantonio with Niko Palazeti and none any other time.  He was a plan A tailback that is why they started after him a year ago.  They do not go after FB’s a year in advance, and secondly, Owens dispelled those thoughts when on my radio show last week I asked him about people saying he is a FB.  He said, “The coaches have only talked to me about being running back and I spent almost an entire day with the offensive coordinator and running backs coach Warner this past week and full back never came up.”  Dantonio is not a shyster.  If he plans a position change he tells players.  He has told me in the past that bringing them in under false pretense results in miserable apples in your bunch.  I think that is people projecting a failure at RB and thinking he will end up there, because the staff wants him and has wanted him as a RB.


Hondo, I was raised in a U of M family. Right around 1960 (I was 8 at the time) my uncle and his family took my folks and my sister and myself to the “Big House” for a football game. As it turned out, it was the U of M, State game. As I said I was 8 and hadn’t glued 1 and 1 together to make 2 yet. As I sat there watching the game, I got to the point that I could not stand that awful blue and yellow color combination, but those green and white guys with the cool logo on the helmets, I was all in. Now fast forward to 1998. I own a business now, and my business partner bleeds blue. Every Saturday during football season he would bring in a small portable TV, place it on top of a file cabinet, and we would sit at our desks working and watch the U of M game. I started putting on the State game shortly after the season started, and got hooked.  Now I can tell people that it took a U of M grad to get me to like State, and it took another U of M grad to get me to follow State.  Gary D. Imhoff


Hondo, I don’t know where you came up with the Spartans willing to go as high as 23 in this recruiting class.  They can’t.  20 is the max.  Quit pulling crap out of your butt and reporting it as fact.  Martin

They are already at 21, and they are using the number 23 internally as they work the finishing touches on 2014.


Hondo, I believe Mark Dantonio needs to be bold.  He needs to come out right now and declare Damion Terry as the starting QB and thank Connor Cook for keeping the seat warm for him.  For us to sustain success we need to move to a better QB.  Wayne

At first I thought this email was a hoax until I looked at your email address and signature.  All I have to say is that I bet this is how you spend your weekends.  PLEASE CLICK HERE. 


Hondo, a couple of weeks ago you had your MSU all time defensive team.  I loved it.  Care to share your all time offensive team?  Rhonda Pash

Sure.  Here you go.

QB Earl Morrall

FB Bob Apisa

RB Clinton Jones

TE Billy Joe DuPree

T Flozell Adams

T Don Coleman

G Joe Delamielleure

G Earl Lattimer

C Dan Currie

WR Gene Washington

WR Kirk Gibson



There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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  1. Faygo February 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    Clinton Jones was a great back, but I have to put Lorenzo White in that spot. Not named, but kicker? Morten Anderson, with plenty of solid competition.