Spartan Star Guard Gary Harris Talks About the State of Michigan State Basketball


Q: Twice last year Iowa was close to beating the Spartans.  What do you remember?


Harris:  I think they look at it as, that’s gonna be huge to them. We stole one at their place, we were losing the whole game, didn’t take the lead until the last minute or so. Branden got the steal and dunk and we didn’t look back from there. They were beating us down in the Big Ten Tournament game and Keith was able to get hot and we were able to pull it out at the end. But it was two close games and with everybody coming back, I know they definitely remember it and they’re gonna be ready to play us here come Tuesday.


Q:  Coach Izzo said they need to get you the ball more.  How do they do that?


Harris:  It’s tough. We played well, coaches told me I need to be a little more aggressive in the games, get the ball in my hands whether score or make a play. Looking at it, I did go a while without really touching the ball. I had confidence in my teammates that they were gonna make the right play, but sometimes I need to step up and just make some plays down the stretch.


Q: How difficult is it to get up and ready for another game when the last one was so emotional?


Harris:  I don’t think it’s hard at all. We have an opportunity to bounce back quickly to kind of get this taste out of our mouth. Iowa, they’re a good team and it’s gonna be another battle, another test for us. We can’t really get down because of the Michigan game because the Iowa game isn’t gonna be any easier, especially playing on the road.


Q:  Do you agree with Coach Izzo that they have to get the ball in your hands more?


Harris:  I do agree with it. As a player I always want the ball in my hands so I just gotta go get it. I’ve just gotta find a way to get it.


Q:  What do you think this team is learning about itself during this season?


Harris:  It’s relentless. It’s the next guy up. We fought hard the whole game and guys who really didn’t come in, really don’t get as many minutes throughout the year really stepped up and kind of tried to make a case to show they’re here for a reason and they deserve more minutes. Especially guys like Alvin, Russell, Alex Gauna, they did a great job stepping up for us. We just came up a little short and we really can’t sulk on it cause we’re right back at it against Iowa.


Q:  Is this a time of character building for your team?


Harris:  Yeah, it definitely shows our character. We’re not just gonna roll over and be expected to lose, or be expected to be out of the game just because two of our better players are out. We’re still gonna fight and try to go out there and earn whatever we deserve and we’re gonna keep fighting until the end.

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