Keith Appling Talks Injury, Iowa and More!

What percentage is his wrist health wise?

“It’s a little sore, but its basketball and you are going to suffer some bumps and bruises. So I will be alright.  Right now I can say I had a couple days to rest it so  I guess I can say I will see how it feels today at practice”

What can you learn from this adversity?

“Definitely we can learn from it and it is also an opportunity for other guys to step up and do some things that coach didn’t expect that they could do.  Helps player’s gain confidence and us to grow as a team.”

Did your team show you something against Michigan?

“Definitely.  It can help us in the long runs.  When we get our guys healthy we will have some extra other guys coming off the bench.  It also helps with their confidence that they can do some things that they didn’t get allowed to because of guys playing in front of them.”

Is this team better equipped to bounce back with another game few nights later?

“I feel like our character on our team is a little different. We have so many different goals that we want to accomplish that we can’t let one game bother us.  We just got to continue pushing and see where the season goes?

Impressions of Iowa?  Is MSU the hurdle in their way of getting to the next level?

“Iowa is one of the most dangerous teams in the conference.   They’re very experienced; they have a lot of guys that have played with each other for a number of years.  They came close to beating us in the Big Ten tournament last year.  We have to focus in stay together and see what happens.”

Iowa scoring vs. MSU D

“We have to continue doing what we’ve been doing.  Our principles are going to remain the same no matter who we are playing. We have to contest shots, rebound and get our break going like we did earlier in the year.

What do they do?

“They can score the basketball.  Simple as that.  They have a great transition game.  A lot of different guards that bring the ball up and they have a few shooters.  Like I said they are one of the dangerous teams in the conference.”

Do you just accept with BJ out and AP uncertain that you’re going to play?

“Definitely.  We already have two of our key players out.  If I chose to sit out who knows what might happen.  I just want to do whatever I can to help my teammates win, and continue to fight through the adversity.”

Wrist biggest concern?

“I feel like basketball you are going to suffer some bumps and bruises.  It is one of the more injuries that has affected me most because it is the hand that I shoot with, but I have had a couple days to rest it so I am going to just see what I can do today in practice.”

Practice schedule and do you just try to pretend it (Wrist injury) is not there?

“I can’t pretend it’s not there!  That’s impossible.  I just feel like my presence on the floor is the main thing.   I have to vocalize and lead my teammates and do other things.  At the end of the day just shooting doesn’t win games.”

How much did you practice last week?  This week?

“I practiced the majority of practices last week.  I kind of got in and out of certain things.  I don’t know how it is going to go.  I am going to have to play it by hand.  I am not the kind of person that likes to sit out practice.  Have to see how it goes.”

Feeling of losing to UM gone? 

“No I don’t think it has.  That’s a game not only myself, but my teammates wanted that win.  Very badly.  Not only for the team and the Big Ten season, but for all the guys that came back to support us.  It is just one game.  It is a long season we just have to get better.  The way I felt after that game I never want to feel again. We just have to use it for motivation.”

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