Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, in your opinion (MSU Defense), has the current scheme evolved because of the talent in place or has the talent been put in place to run the master scheme? P Zarek

The latter.  MSU has evolved its scheme which is what all good coaching staffs do.  For example, next year they won’t have Max Bullough, so the scheme will adapt to take advantage of Darien Harris’s speed.  He is much faster than Max, so they are constantly tinkering.


Hondo, how concerned should we be for Max Bullough.  I heard he weighed in much heavier than his weight at MSU?  Is it because of depression over missing the game?  Christine

No, it isn’t over depression.  A lot was made of what he weighed on the MSU list, but Max is at the same weight that he played at while roaming from sideline to sideline for MSU.  If people didn’t know it might have been a deal, but it wasn’t at all.


Hondo, this Bullough thing will not end until it is made public. Additionally, why has the banquet been delayed until March or April?  Doug Ditmar

First, I don’t know what qualifies you to say if anything ends well.  He isn’t going to jail; he didn’t do anything criminal.  The Spartans won the Rose Bowl and he will play in the NFL.  I think it works out fine for all.  As far as the banquet, so many of the seniors are away training, and with recruiting hot and heavy it was best to move it.  MSU fans aren’t used to playing in Rose Bowls.  It was a great move logistically.


Hondo, I was never a real recruit guy until I found Spartan Nation.  Now I am like an addict.  Can we please just get signing day here now?  The wait is killing me.  Jeff

Thanks Jeff…I think.  Glad I can feed your habit.


Hondo, my husband and I are having a fight and we agreed to let you settle it.  I remember when we were younger MSU had a defensive player named Tom Tyree.  He said he was an offensive lineman.  What was he?  Karen

Easy answer for me because Tyree is one of my favorites.  Tom Tyree was a great defensive player.  He was a linebacker from Fort Wayne. I loved watching him when I was a young man playing with amazing grit and fire.  He was a stud. 


Hondo, where do you find the energy to cover football every day of the year?  You always have great football stuff year round.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but you got to dig brother man.  Leonard

Thanks Leonard.  Football is America’s passion and it is red hot right now in the Spartan Nation.  There are so many great storylines around this team every day it is easy.  No doubt that football is “The Golden Goose” right now.


Hondo, I was wondering about Arjen Colquhoun.  You don’t write or talk about him much at all.  Are you buying or selling on him? Jeremy

Arjen has great talent.  I like Arjen.  Arjen needs to mature and it’s time to use that talent and take care of his business.  I am not a buyer at this point, but I am wishing him all the best and would love to see him do well.


Hondo, how many recruits do we end up taking in this class?  Morelan

I think 23 will be the number and this will be the best signing day class in Dantonio’s era.


Hondo, your interview with Ron Burton on the radio show was freaking awesome.  I just love that guy and could listen to him for hours.  I loved his breakdown of the defensive line and all the great information.  I just wanted to say thank you.  Matt

You are welcome


Hondo, the depth of your ignorance is amazing.  Sparty has one good year.  One and you have all the little sparty nation fired up.  I know it is good for hits on the website or listeners, but just remember that little brother is still little brother.  We are coming in to Breslin to make sure that in basketball and football sparty will go winless against us this year.  Leaders and best dip*&%$.  Tom

Thanks for taking the time to email Tom.  They just called for a cleanup in aisle six so I will let you get back to work.  We will find out Saturday.  Coach Beilein does a great job and both he and Brady Hoke are honorable men.  I bet we both share a sense of excitement that in 274 days Michigan comes back to the High Cathedral of the Spartan Nation, Spartan Stadium, for another match.  It will be fun.  Oh by the way, when you are done with the cleanup in aisle six, my son would like fries with that.

There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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