Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


Hondo, do you expect Payne to play against Indiana?  Seth

Nothing is ruled out, but I have major doubts.


Hondo, I heard you say that although his stats may not be the best, Appling deserves serious consideration as Big Ten player of the year.  He is big for MSU, but that is laughable.  Aaron

Is your last name Craft?  Anyways, I am glad I made you laugh.  Please tip your waitress for me on your way out.

I wanted to voice my displeasure with you for telling Matt Costello that one of your listeners called him the big white guy.  Why is it acceptable to be racist against white people, but you would have never called another player a big black guy.  Randy

Hey Randy.  Yes, I would have and how about you stop by your nearest pharmacy on the way home and buy a clue and a personality.  That was funny and it was fun.  If you can take something racist out of that, you are like the rest of the politically correct crowd who don’t live in Realville with the majority of Americans.  Had I said big DUMB white guy, I would have been talking about myself.  Am I a self-hating racist?  Think about it?  Think about it?  I think you need a hug.


Hondo, I can’t say enough good about Kaminski.  If he could just learn to play defense he could be special.  Will that be what keeps him from being great?  Derrin

Keep him from being great?  You do understand he is just a freshman right?


Hondo, I love your work, but for the life of me I don’t understand your infatuation with Dawson?  What am I missing?  Les

Well, since I can’t crawl up in your head I don’t know what you’re missing.  What I do know is that he came in with so much hype that almost nothing he did would satisfy people.  He has fire and passion and sometimes people can see that the wrong way.  I know there were a lot of people who said the same things to me about what I saw in Draymond early and now none of them remember that.  BJ is a good kid and player.  He also has to continue to grow.


Hondo, I want to thank you for asking Izzo about this being his best shot.  I agree that it is and I was glad to hear him say that. Kelsie

Thank you


Hondo, please tell me why Izzo’s teams are always injured.  He is too hard on them.  How long does it take the guy to get that through his head?  Matthew

Not sure he can hear you…all of those Final Four trophies that he has accumulated make it hard to hear.


And here are two from the “I can’t win” bureau:


Hey dumb nuts.  Stop kissing Izzo’s butt and yapping about how good Dawson is.  We all know he sucks and Izzo has to keep telling us how good he is for recruiting.  Just like Byrd.  Brad


Hondo, I think you are much too hard on Branden Dawson.  By praising him you are raising people’s expectations and perhaps you should stop covering him.  Nathan



Hondo, I just want you to know that I read you every day and I think by far you are the smartest beat writer.  Not only did you pick last year’s regular season record correct, but this year you are off to a stellar job.  Keep up the excellent work.  Dale

Thanks Mom….grrr…..Dale



Hondo, why is Izzo trying to force the young freshmen to play?  Trying to prove a point?  Keep them on the bench Tom.  A ten player deep rotation without Payne is absurd. Wyatt

Better to be thought a fool than open your laptop and prove it, brother.



Hondo, assuming all are healthy what percentage chance do you give MSU for making a Final Four?  Andy




There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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