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Hondo, Mark Hollis has been Tweeting a lot about a major event in 2018.  Do you happen to have any idea?  Come on big boy, I know he’s your boy?  Kyle

He has not specifically said to me what the event will be.  He has privately shared some ideas for future events and that is for him to tell you what those are.  What I will say is that the Spartan Nation is blessed to have him.  Great leaders can’t live in a box and he doesn’t.


Hondo, I read your posts religiously. thank you. But i have a burr under my saddle and want to know your thoughts on the subject. Every single time I watch MSU play ANYONE on ANY channel (including BTN where they should know better), a sportscaster inevitably refers to MSU as “Michigan.”

This irritates me to no end, but more so seems that the stations should be scolded. Television is like a recruiting modality and using the wrong name of our school tells kids that MSU is not as nationally significant as Michigan. Does it burn you at all? Would you recommend calls to the stations to correct that reoccurring error?  Tim

Does it burn me?  No.  It is an irritant?  Sure.  Is it worth getting all upset about?  That is your call.  There is almost NO excuse on BTN, but nationally I do give them SOME margin of error.  Don’t like it?  Call.


Hondo, we were talking with friends at the Rose Bowl about how great of shape the main sports are at MSU.  As the discussion went to talking about the smaller sports and maybe having to cut some, it was suggested we email you and ask what sport at MSU is most behind the eight ball or in need of a massive overhaul at least?  Brian

Wrestling at MSU needs some serious attention.  In my own personal opinion, I don’t know if there is a sport at MSU hurting as bad as this one.


Hondo, do you plan on doing something with MSU swimming and diving like you did last year? That was great.  Didn’t you also talk with Coach G about Spartan Nation meet or something?  Ruth

Yes, we will do more with them; great kids, great people, and incredibly entertaining.  We talked about them doing an event against maybe Michigan during the school day and promoting it for schools to attend but that is all.


Hondo, I know you are very open about not knowing much about soccer and not being a “soccer guy” but I am one person who loves your interviews with Damon Rensing.  He is a great coach and I think your youthful questions and enthusiasm are great and he feeds off of it so well.  Any thought to having him join you for an entire show?  I bet that would be great.  Keith

I like that idea and it is dually noted.  Thanks


Hondo, great job pimping out the baseball dinner with Jake Boss.  You totally drilled it with how good of a coach and person he is.  Also super jacked you will be doing a radio show from the First Pitch Dinner.  Can’t wait to meet you.  Trent

Thanks Trent.  I look forward to meeting you as well.


Hondo, I wanted to take a second and thank you for the constant coverage of MSU hockey.  I thought it was fantastic to hear you on Coach Anastos radio show and I loved your comments about his staff.  I also appreciate that his staff is always on your radio show.  I am a diehard who agrees with you that he is the one to fix it.  Brandon

Thanks Brandon.  That staff has done an amazing job and they are amazing men.  I have zero doubt at all about their ability and where this program is headed.


Hondo, I think Mark Hollis spends way too much time with Izzo and Dantonio and ignoring the other sports.  I understand that they make money, but that doesn’t mean the others are just as important and just as critical.  It is silly.  Pat

You are certainly entitled to your opinion no matter how outrageous or uninformed it is.  As for me, I live in realville and where I live that is a laughable opinion.

OK everyone, there you go, our weekly general MSU athletics Q and A article.  We will continue them, so if you have a question (not about basketball or football) here is a simple way to get it here. 

Send your questions to and put in the subject line general.  If it doesn’t get answered in the article you will get a personal response.  Thank you!

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