Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, do you see Coach D bringing back Don Treadwell to the staff either this year or next? Are any of the assistants on the hot seat or leaving the program?  Dean Domer

I would ask you a question.  Who would he fire on the staff?  If someone left from the offense I think he would be an immediate person you consider, but do you think if that person was not the OC he would want to be a position coach?  Do you think having once been the offensive boss he could?  I think the answer is not clear at all.  If we lost a coordinator I think he would come back.  If the Spartans don’t I think it would be very difficult.  Mark Dantonio has brought this program from the outside looking in to the DOWNTOWN of expectations.


Hondo, there have been publications of how MSU’s winning ways have shifted the recruiting scene across the nation.  Can you give us the biggest recruiting situation and how this will benefit MSU?  William T. Vondette

Sure I can.  In the past, MSU has not had the recruiting budgets to compete with OSU, Notre Dame, or UM.  We have documented that on NUMEROUS occasions if you choose to search the archives.  With MSU continuing to do well it becomes a destination spot on the camp circuit for good players that have limited options on where to go.  That is enormous when a young man is picking what camps to go to and show his talents.  The nation’s top defenders are all looking at MSU.



Hondo, when you look back at Coach Dantonio’s tenure nearly every position coach and coordinator has faced heavy criticism for the team’s performance we have seen on the field.  What leadership skills have you seen demonstrated by Coach D that has shown his patience be rewarded with the program’s success? Victor Hester

Mark Dantonio cares greatly about the fans, but Mark Dantonio is not moved (good or bad) by things outside of the Duffy Daugherty building.  He has resolve and grit, that when he knows all the details and he has command of the facts that others do not, to stay his course.  I would simply call it integrity.


Here is an example of how sometimes I can’t win:


Hondo, I was terribly upset that in your latest question and answer article you did not come down harder on Coach Mark Dantonio for his using of the rapper with the MSU football team.  That is not the moral fabric we want from our coach and I was sad that you allowed your personal friendship with the man and the haze of a Rose Bowl win to cloud your usually stellar judgment.  Chris



Hondo, you and all the other old farts need to shut up about Homie and our football team.  Are you kidding me?  We get props from a man whose rhymes are nationwide and you worry about him having been to jail or being a little controversial?  Shut up man.  Larry


Hondo, you defense of Max Bullough is both alarming and sad.  This young man let down his team, the Spartan Nation and his family and as long as the media like you protect him he has learned no lesson.  I love Spartan Nation and your work, but in this instance your failure to report was born out of your personal affection for Max and the Bullough’s.  Tricia

Hondo, I want to congratulate you for having the moral fiber to call out those critical of Max.  I could care less what he did, but he is a Spartan and we would not have been in Pasadena without him.  While the other media tanks on him you prove over and over you got the Spartan Nation’s back.  William

Hondo, you have probably heard ALL you want about the Bullough situation, but please pass over to Max that in my (and most people) minds he will always be a “Spartan Dawg.”  People seem to forget all the work he put into the past four years; studying film, mentoring underclassmen, his academic success, the list is endless.  Thomas Roth

Hondo, I feel terrible for him (Max Bullough) and his family.  We should remember all that he gave and what he meant to this team (as you mentioned) rather than vilify him.  Since I expect you will have more contact with him along the way, please tell him there are a great many Spartans who remain proud of him and wish him only the best in the NFL, coaching, or where ever his life takes him.  Tim Price

Hondo, what does it sound like for the Spartans with transfers?  Everybody talks about O’Connor, but there are plenty of backlogs at other positions, as well.  Are we going to lose no one, a few, or more than a few, and what will that do to available scholarships? Tom Oren

With the new semester having started it WOULD APPEAR that none are leaving.  APPEAR.  No final and definitive word, but if a young man was leaving he would want out at the semester break so he could enroll in his next school in time for spring football.  Doesn’t mean there will be none, after spring ball when more young players get an idea where they will be heading into the fall can tell an awful lot.


Hondo, do you see a scenario where Jon Reschke is the starting MLB next year?  Pat

No!  He is an outstanding young man, but the learning curve is high in college football.  No expectations until year three.


Hondo, how much do you think the recent success at MSU will impact the quality and quantity of MSU campers, and how important will that be for recruiting?  David Disney

In a big way.  I touched on it earlier in the article and I think the impact will be enormous David.  MSU doesn’t fly coast to coast sparing no expense when recruiting.  Because of that, they have to really take a long hard look at players, and when they spend the money to come to camp that gives the Spartans a “FREE” look.  More importantly, this staff has a proven eye for talent and that gives them a leg up. 


Hondo, I was wanted to personally email and thank you and Kyler Elsworth for what you did for the little boy with cancer.  This world needs more people in the spotlight like you and Kyler that give back and help.  I am sure that the pep rally you both attended for him and spoke at touched him and the two of you volunteering to have him shave your heads when he returns to school made me pull over in my car and cry.  God Bless you both for being real men.  You are great examples for today’s young boys and I am so proud to be a Spartan with you both.  Melanie

Thank you Melanie.  I don’t think either of us deserve the attention.  This is about Josiah.  He is a lovely young man from an amazing family.  I have no problems speaking for both Kyler and myself in saying this is about him.  If the promise of shaving our heads gives him one more ounce of energy I do not know any real man or woman who wouldn’t have done it.

There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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