Spartans Star RB Jeremy Langford Talks About Michigan State Football Moving Forward!


Q: This has been the #1 goal for the past 7 years and now you’ve done it. How do you now avoid complacency?


LANGFORD: Next year I think we go for an even higher goal. Coach D does a great job. He let us know to don’t become complacent and don’t get overwhelmed with people believing in you now. Because before there were plenty of times where nobody believed in us and we just kept working as a team and stayed together.


Q: Was that the biggest message you guys got at the team meeting the other day?


LANGFORD: Yeah, just don’t become complacent, don’t become soft, and just keep working. Keep the ball rolling into next year and set our goals even higher.


Q: Do you have a sense now that you need to go out and be a leader and push guys like guys pushed you before?


LANGFORD: Yeah. I even did it my Junior year last year, when I didn’t know if I was gonna be playing or starting yet. It’s just something you have to do for the young freshmen coming in who don’t really know what it’s like yet. You gotta push them and let them know this is Michigan State football. We all work, regardless of who you are or what you do.


Q: You got a lot of accolades after this last season. What do you have to do to be better when the season kicks off next year?


LANGFORD: I think just start faster in games. The last three games I didn’t start as fast as I wanted to. Start fast and break more tackles and just be more of a leader on the field, help my team out at whatever I can do basically. Break more tackles, start fast.


Q: When was the first time you all got back together here in East Lansing?


LANGFORD: Today was the first day, our team meeting. The snow and school’s been closed and all that… But today was the first day. Coach D just basically talked about don’t become complacent.


Q: What has this past week been like for you?


LANGFORD: It’s been crazy. When we first get off the bus from California, when the fans are out there and the news channels and all that, all different people, it was crazy. It’s something I couldn’t believe. The beginning of the season I would have never thought of it. It’s an amazing feeling right now.


Q: When you walked into your first team meeting today and Queze and all the Seniors were gone, was it kinda weird?


LANGFORD: Oh yeah, it was weird. Those were people that I came in with in my class in 2010. Those are my friends and they’re gonna be my friends forever, but it’s just something that we do here. We recruit players and the best ones step up. (?) can’t do that.


Q: What was going through your mind as you watched the National Championship?


LANGFORD: I wish we were there. I think we could be there. I think we could compete with the Florida States and the Auburns. Nothing we can do about it now. It’s in the past and hopefully we’ll be better than we had this season and continue and be in that game next year.


Q: With your only loss coming early in the season, do you guys now start talking about starting fast and being ready when the season starts?


LANGFORD: That’s what we talked about before the loss. Don’t hurt ourselves, control our own destiny. When we do that we’ll win game by game by game. And next year, that’s what we’re gonna do at the beginning of the season. Just start one game at a time and come out with a win.


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