Spartan Star DB and Now Leader of the NO FLY ZONE Trae Waynes Opens Up About 2013 and 2014!


SPARTAN NATION: How does this team deal with the loss of some key seniors?


WAYNES: Basically, we talked about how this past team we were focused and what not, and our seniors gotta step it up. But they definitely impressed on, in this last meeting, that we need more of that. Even more than what we had last year and stuff like that. We had that intensity last year, but we need more of it now, so definitely to step it up.


SPARTAN NATION: You’re gonna lose some fairly key members on defense. You ready for that?


WAYNES: You know what, we’ve got a lot of great players behind them and stuff like that. Our coaches will get them right and our players will also help get them right. We do lose a lot of key players but I know we have a lot of good players behind them to fill in their place.


SPARTAN NATION: Your position specifically is pretty pivotal to everything you guys wanna do defensively. The young guys opposite you…how important is their development?


WAYNES: I mean, it’s gonna be just as important as it was for me filling in this year. I have all the confidence in the world about it and stuff like that. We’ve got a lot of great young players and stuff like that behind me, I mean behind Queze and everybody. But they’ll fill out. They’ll step it up.


SPARTAN NATION: Is it kind of strange that the defense is the bigger question coming up next year than the offense, with the way it’s been the last 2 years?


WAYNES: I mean, yeah. Michigan State’s defense has always been the main thing here and stuff like that. So we recruit great players to fit this defense and stuff like that. So we have a lot of players that…it won’t be a big transition for them when they step up and get in the game.


SPARTAN NATION: Was it hard watching the National Championship last night, thinking what could have been?


WAYNES: Yeah, it was definitely running through my mind about stuff like that. But I’m glad we made it to the Rose Bowl and we were able to win. But next year, that’s what we’re gonna strive for, the National Championship.


SPARTAN NATION: How much did Darqueze help you become better?


WAYNES: You know, I give a lot of credit to him. He was one of the main reasons why I am the player I am today. That dude pushed me harder than anybody else on the team and stuff like that. He was basically like an older brother to me and a mentor. Whenever he seen me like slack, he’d let me know. Me and him at practice, we had this little conversation just between me and him, that whoever gets more picks the other one has to do push-ups. That’s something we competed at all the time and stuff like that. Even in the middle of the season he made me step up as a player for this next year and made me start the leading the groups and being first in line and stuff like that.


SPARTAN NATION: You become the leader of the no-fly-zone next year. Have you sensed that you need to step up now and take leadership?


WAYNES: Yeah, you know I’ve definitely sensed it a lot. But I mean, we have a lot of leaders in that group. We’ve got Kurtis, we’ve got RJ, we’ve got a lot of other players and stuff like that. So I know it’s solely not on me, but I know I do have to step it up a little bit as a player and as a leader.

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  1. Mike January 15, 2014 at 3:16 pm #

    “And stuff like that”… Lol. Great player Trae, just work on speaking and not using that phrase as filler during pauses.