Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, With Cook’s performance this year, and the established qb starter for 2014, if you can/are able to share, where Terry fits into the scheme of things for 2014. And based on Terry’s comments “I have alot to think about”. Does that mean anything significant in whether he stays or leaves?  And is he at this point is he in front of O’Connor or behind him relative to the backup qb position.  Thanks Dave

First, let me address your Terry quotes.  He put those out on Twitter.  He is an 18 year old kid and as a 42 year old man that is on Twitter often, I would not assume you know the context of what he is saying.  Twitter only works in 144 characters and “it’s complicated” as to ascertaining what people are talking about and saying…let alone with a young kid.  Secondly, Spartan Nation broke the story that last year prior to signing day Mark Dantonio assured Terry that the backup would get significant reps this year.  In fairness to Dantonio, he thought the starter would be Maxwell.  That didn’t happen.  I know that Terry and the staff will have discussions; every player does in the off season moving forward.  He is behind O’Connor presently on the depth chart, but he certainly will get a chance to compete with him.


Hondo, I am new to Spartan Nation and let me tell you I love this place and you.  I was thrilled to hear MSU getting talked about on Sports radio out here and I can tell you that the callers and hosts love it now that you are a regular.  Question that I have is about QB.  Do you think that there will be a real battle for the starting job next year or is it Cook’s?  Matt Utah

Thanks for the kind words Matt.  Very humbling.  I would say this.  Last year Mark Dantonio was certain that Maxwell would be the starter.  I know that Dantonio is honest and fair.  I believe that he was certain there was a real battle heading into the season to be the starter as he told us there would be.  Others inside felt his mind was already made up.  Either way, Connor Cook had a remarkable season, and went 12-1 as a starter.  The team was #2 in the nation and won the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl.  Not thinking there is any battle at all in his mind knowing Mark the way I do.


Hondo, I have heard a lot of so called people in the know say many different things that Max Bullough has done.  You have remained steadfast that Dantonio did the right thing, but also in support of Max.  You tweeted a picture of your son Duffy wearing his jersey and other very positive things about Max.  I do not know what he did, but I highly doubt you would be supportive of him if most of what I heard was true, or that you would let your son be so demonstrative in support of him.  Thanks for being bold when there isn’t a lot of that.  Carl

Carl, I am a proud friend of the Bullough’s.  I also have a job and I am not afraid to do it.  When it becomes public (and it will), there are going to be a lot of people that owe Max and his family a big apology.  A lot.  I have lost a ton of respect for some people and I will never forget the way some people have acted.  Max disappointed his team, his family, and himself.  That is it.  He is a fine young man.  MSU wouldn’t have even made the Rose Bowl without him or a bowl last year at all.  We have all made mistakes, but I am embarrassed and ashamed at how some have turned on him.  I have a long memory and some of those people I am flabbergasted by.  A lot of people will be underwhelmed when this comes out and I hope every single one of you remembers who told you what.  If they are wrong and so many will be, hold them accountable.  I DO NOT blame fans for wanting to know.  I blame people that claim facts or repeat things presented as facts that they don’t know.  MSU wouldn’t have been in a Rose Bowl without Max Bullough.  He let people down, but for all he has done for this program and school over the last four years, it is my opinion the things that have been said about him and SOME people’s reactions were more hurtful and sad than what he did.  I wonder how many people who have claimed such outlandish crap were perfect at 22.  I am not perfect at 42.  My son Duffy looks at all three Bullough boys as role models and heroes.  My son knows that Max disappointed, but he also knows what Max has done and loves him.  I am proud that Duffy was so loyal to Max and I also know that Duffy’s dad is flawed and so are his heroes.  Max will rebound and that is a great role model for my son!


Dear Mr. Carpenter.  I had the chance to hear you speak and I just wanted to thank you for being so inspiring.  I never thought just talking about the Spartans season could get me so emotional.  Not sure how you tied it all up into an incredibly motivating talk but you did.  I don’t want to be a dream killer.  I want to be a dream builder for the people in my life I love.  If you would have told me a speech about Spartan football would make me cry, make me laugh, make me think and want to change I would have told you that you were crazy.  Keep up the amazing work.  Veronica  PS So proud to be a Spartan.

Veronica, you are too kind.  Although I am a boring speaker, Mark Dantonio provided great information that even a subpar communicator couldn’t screw up.  Remember to never settle being a cheap copy when you have incredible original in your DNA!


Hondo After the 2012 season when we finished 7-6 you mentioned that there seemed to be several toxic parents and expected some transfers.  I haven’t seen that mentioned this year.  Is everything o.k. on that front?  Does winning cure all?  With so much depth, especially on the defense, do you expect any transfers?  Max McDonald Sr

Anytime you recruit top flight talent you know that they want to play.  When depth starts to appear you always are thinking about transfers.  This was a very good parent group, but winning cures a ton of ills.  I wouldn’t say I expect mass transfers.  I know of three players who are considering it, but none are imminent.

Hondo, If Pat Narduzzi were to leave to take a head coaching job, do you think the new coordinator would be someone in-house like Harlon Barnett or Mike Tressel?  Or do you think Dantonio would look to bring in someone new?  I would not be disappointed if Barnett were to get a shot. Dr. Carl Snook

I would expect Narduzzi to offer jobs to the entire defensive staff.  I would expect Dantonio to try to keep as many as possible and would name two of them CO coordinators.  Depending on the job and the money Narduzzi would have for assistants, I doubt MSU could keep them all in East Lansing.  Burton, Tressel, and Barnett are all top flight coaches who should and could be head coaches.  As much as they love MSU, they have dreams and aspirations.


Hondo, do you expect why Max Bullough was suspended to come out?  I know that you won’t say, but do you think we hear about it sooner or later?  Karyn



Hondo, I recently saw you in an airport and wanted to tell you how much I hate you.  You are one big dude so I decided to just email it.  Enjoy your every 26 year Rose Bowl.  Coach Nuss will lead us back.  Craig

Hi Craig, I was going to say something snarky, but instead I just want to congratulate you for being the poster boy of what a Wolverine fan is.  Stay classy San Diego.


Hondo, there is a lot of smoke down here about Indiana possibly wanting one of the three MSU defensive assistants NOT named Narduzzi as their DC.  Your thoughts?  As a Spartan living down here this scares me.  Terry

It should scare you.  MSU has three assistants that all should be DCs and all are head coach material.  Period.  Indiana would be dumb for not looking that way.  I don’t want to see any of them go, but I like and respect all three and they deserve those shots.  MSU can’t pay what they do (even with raises) and expect coaches to not move up the ladder.  In fairness, everyone in the process loves those guys, but every one of them wants to see them reach their dreams.


Hondo, I was just wondering if you have spoken to any of the Bullough’s and can you at least share what they told you or the spirit of it?

Yes.  No!


There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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