Shilique THE FREAK Calhoun Reflects on 2013 with Eyes on 2014


Q: So has it hit you yet?


A: Like I was talking to my teammates about, I don’t think it’s hit me yet. When I get that ring I think it’ll be surreal then…I’m waiting for that moment. But so far everyone’s said that we won, so I’ll take that as a…we did, we got the win.


Q: Have you been pimping Dantonio for what kind of bling you want?


A: Yeah, we’re trying to make two rings out of it. He’s thinking more of one, but we’re trying to get two: Big Ten Championship and then also the Rose Bowl. Whatever way he goes we’ll stick with him because he’s usually got the right idea.


Q: But if it’s one it should be super sized, don’t you agree?


A: I’m hoping it’s all five of my fingers combined. You know? Just huge. I want it to be so big that I can’t even wear it.


Q: Do you wanna be a rapper with a five finger ring?


A: I’ll stick to football; that’s a whole other deal. But no, I want it to be huge. Definitely.


Q: When does winter workout get started?


A: Soon. I think we start lifting maybe next Thursday. So we’ll be right back after it again.


Q: How much do you feel a sense that you gotta step up and be a leader, where you would say we’ve still got a goal left…a national championship?


A: Of course. Going into this season I felt like I had to step up and be a leader. Certain guys looked at me as a leader, you know. I feel like moreso this season because we’re losing a lot of guys. But there’s younger guys that need to step up also and I’m pretty sure they will. They’re gonna devote their time to football and put more hours into it, now that they understand, you know, what we can accomplish.


Q: Watching that Florida State game, there had to be a part of you that said we could take these guys.


A: Of course. I always have faith in my team. I knew we could be there. This year, we’ll make it there this year. I’ll leave it at that. We’ll be there this year.


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