2014 rewind of the 2009 football recruiting class… Final Class Grade: B

1. Denicos Allen OLB 5’11” 215# Hamilton, OH Original class ranking #8 Denicos will be drafted and has scouts thinking Derrick Brooks when they see him.

2. Edwin “ROCK” Baker RB 5’10” 200# Oak Park, MI Original class ranking #3 Left early for NFL.

3. Dion Sims TE 6’5” 224# Orchard Lake, MI Left early for the NFL draft in 2013.

4. Blake Treadwell DT 6’3” 270# East Lansing, MI Original class ranking #5 Treadwell bounced from side to side, but ended up a captain and a solid player at MSU.

5. Micajah Reynolds OG 6’5” #313 Lansing, MI Original class ranking #19 Reynolds bloomed into a very effective DT and will get a chance in the NFL.

6. Andrew Maxwell QB 6’3” 196# Midland, MI Original class ranking #1 was poorly served by the coaching staff. Had three years to prepare and they did not have him ready. In fact they made him gun shy. His character held the team together in 2013 that made a Rose Bowl dream possible.

7. Chris Norman OLB 6’2” 210# Detroit, MI Original class ranking #2 Norman had a great career.

8. Dan France 6’6” 275# DE North Royalton, OH Original class ranking #14 He was a great contributor in his career.

9. Larry Caper RB 5’11” 215# Battle Creek, MI Original class ranking #6 Larry Caper had a very good career at MSU.

10. Bennie Fowler WR 6’2” 180# Detroit, MI Original class ranking #18 Fowler ended up as a solid starter and a great contributor.

11. Kevin Muma K 6’ 170# Troy, MI Original class ranking #12 Muma ended as a important contributor to the Spartan special teams.

12. Denzel Drone 6’2” 230# DE Plant City, FL Original class ranking #15 Drone played himself into a significant role on the Spartans big time D.

13. Jairus Jones 6’2” 210# S Tampa, FL Original class ranking #13 Hampered by injury Jones was never able to reach hid full potential. He was hindered by his body and NOT his heart.

14. Henry Conway OT 6’6” 305# Shaker Heights, OH Original class ranking #11 Conway has struggled since a major neck injury. Great kid who had NFL talent the issue is can he could not overcome a horrific injury.

15. Derek Hoebing TE 6’6” 245# Original class ranking #20 Vermilion, OH Hoebing has fought the injury bug and consistency.

16. Corey Freeman DE 6’3” 235# Cleveland Heights, OH. Original class ranking #21 Freeman struggled to find the field for meaningful reps.

Special Circumstance:

David Barrent OT 6’8” 293# West Des Moines, IA Still at MSU retired with injury

Nate Klatt CENTER 6’4” 292# Canal Fulton, OH Still at MSU retired with injury

No Longer with the team:

Patrick White WR 5’11” 170# Pickerington, OH

Donald Spencer WR 6’4” 201# Ypsilanti, MI

Dana Dixon 6’2” 176# S Detroit, MI

Jeremy Gainer OLB 6’1” 213# Detroit, MI

TyQuan Hammock LB 6’1” 220# Fort Wayne, IN


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