Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, Now that it is the time between regular season and bowl season, and we have a lot of time to think about things, can you talk to us about what you see for the QB situation next season?  Somebody is going to leave the program, but who?  Alex Pedersen

I am not sure where you are getting your information that someone is leaving.  Tyler O’Connor is the name I often hear others equate with that and he certainly has to take a long hard look.  Having said that, he is very close to the other QBs and loves being a Spartan.  I don’t think it is a given either way on what happens.  This hasn’t played out yet.  I can tell you that the week leading up to the B1G CG O’Connor and Cook spent COUNTLESS hours together watching film.


Why don’t msu get more respect? how much will beating osu on national tv help in 14 15 16 classes, love Spartan nation go green.  Rick Hempel

It helps a lot.  For intents and purposes, the hay is in the barn for the 2014 class.  Starting with the 2015 class and younger, those kids’ parents remember UM being dominant, but they don’t.  They only know MSU in that light and Dantonio is already seeing great benefits to that in 2015 and beyond.


For those who can’t attend the Rose Bowl in person, is MSU planning anything for fans, such as showing the game in Breslin or some other similar event?  David

I asked Hollis for you David and he said no.  Many have been asking about doing something at the Breslin and he said that “All hands on deck” in California and the students will be gone.  Had they been in session, he would have looked at that.


Hondo, if the 2014 season started today who do the coaches have penciled in as the starting MLB?  Keith

Darien Harris. He is smaller than Max, but super fast, and Mike Tressel and Pat Narduzzi like the ideas of things they can add to the scheme because of that speed.  The question with Harris is simple.  He is a great student and a super young man and teammate, but will he dedicate himself to be as good as his talent says he can be?  Can he avoid off field (not bad) distractions and give football, and especially the MLB spot, the time it needs.  In the MSU scheme, the MLB is the QB.  They have no doubts he can do it, the question is will he.


Hondo, I read that the reason Darius Slade chose Nebraska was because he didn’t have a solid offer from MSU?  Can you confirm?  Pat

I have not read that so I can’t comment on that report, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that MSU wanted him and would have gladly taken his commitment.  They just got beat.  That happens.  Slade is a great kid and I wish him well.


Hondo, great job reporting on the Narduzzi raise.  Glad to hear it is coming. I was wondering if the offensive coaches get jealous or some of his assistants when he gets a raise like that?  Monica

None of the defensive assistants do.  Those four men are tight and a great team.  There were a couple (not all) on the offensive side that had some “issues” last time and I am sure that could happen again this time, but he has earned it.  Most on that staff realize what Pat brings and they love him and appreciate it.


Hondo, if you could only pick one of Dantonio’s assistants of the year who would it be?  Kyle

Jim Bollman.  He was a great calming factor in the offensive meetings, especially after play calling (he does not make the game day play calls) struggled early.  The job he did with the MSU OL was nothing short of a miracle. OSU fans can say all they want, but his addition to the MSU football program was unbelievable and we would not be going to Pasadena without him.  Where are all of his “insider” MSU critics who early in the season said he was negatively impacting MSU recruiting?  Where are all the OSU fans that made fun of him or said he stunk?  He just kicked your…rear.  J


Hondo, did I hear you right on the radio show saying that with all the talent MSU has at the DE spot, our best one may have redshirted?  Are you kidding me?  Who is that?  Tim Burke

Yes, I did.  MSU is getting hard core recruited against right now because of how good they are and deep at DE.  Demetrius Cooper redshirted this year and I have had TWO MSU coaches tell me personally that he is a first round pick and could be the best DE on the team. 


Hondo, what is the biggest thing about MSU football that most fans don’t get or understand?  Bryan

The depth.  John L. Smith and I had a talk once about MSU football.  He was honest that his top 22 could play with anyone, but after that it was a struggle.  The depth that MSU has is outstanding.  Read the above question when it pertains to DE.  Think about DB and all the other spots.  We had young men who struggled to see the field this year or even didn’t play that will play in the NFL.  When Dantonio arrived, if you had XFL, Canadian, Arena or could play Madden you got in the two deep.  The depth at MSU football is amazing and should be applauded.


The second best thing about the CCG was the fans reaction to Delany.  I was wondering if any of your sources inside the B1G offices have said whether or not Delany has made any acknowlegment, good bad or indifferent. Brady Keys

I asked one person who works for him and he told me, “He won’t care.  He hasn’t done all he has done caring what people think.  Right or wrong he just doesn’t care.”


It was great to read about the recent honor for Darqueze Dennard. But I was puzzled by a couple of the stats listen for his outstanding season: passes defended and pass breakups. Could you explain the difference and what a player needs to do to have one of those added to his stats?  Bill Kerans

Passes defended is ANY time a ball is thrown at the man you are covering.  No matter if he drops it, a QB makes a bad throw, if he catches it our your break it up.  Doesn’t matter.  If you are the covering the intended target that is a pass defended.  A pass breakup is just like it says.  You are covering the main target and you break the play up.


Hondo I was wondering about the reaction your inside stories get from President Simon.  For example the Pat Narduzzi story with the details of his new deal.  Carl

From her?  Nothing.  The inside story is very interesting.  I am working on a dynamic story about the inner workings of the President, the board and athletics.  It is fascinating to me.


There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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