Spartan Nation was the first to report that Mark Dantonio and the MSU Football staff were going to be getting raises. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The MSU administration should be embarrassed for how far they had let the staff’s pay fall. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NUMBERS.


Sources inside MSU athletics AND the administration told me that they do not expect Narduzzi’s new deal to make him the highest paid DC in college football. Something that Spartan Nation advocates.  Narduzzi is not only the nation’s best DC, he is the Spartans best recruiter and Dantonio’s loyal and trusted second in command.


What we have been told is that, “The $800-$875,000 per year range is where they think it will settle. With bonuses it could be right at $1 million. It would not the best in college football, but certainly viable and a big statement.” I would agree.


I spoke with a member of the board of Trustees who confirmed a new deal was being worked for Narduzzi and all the staff. “There will be a certain sum, I am not certain that dollar amount is set in stone yet.” I had specific questions as it pertained to Narduzzi.


So what will Narduzzi’s be? They did want to offer the figure. In fact they said, “If you have heard something I wouldn’t mind confirming if that is the number I have heard, but I am not willing to offer a number first.” When I mentioned the above figures they told me, “I would confirm that. I am hearing $800-$850,000 with bonuses that would take it just at or just under $1 million. Coach D is a strong advocate of incentive pay. Essentially profit sharing, or in this case success sharing.   I do know that Mattison the DC at UM makes under $850 as his base and I think it would send a strong message to get him to $850.”


I can personally confirm Coach Dantonio’s solid stance on that type of thinking financially for your employees. Back in May, 2013 I attended a speech he gave to business leaders. He said at that time, “I do not believe in entitlement. You have to earn it. That is why in today’s business climate I wouldn’t want to work for or run a company that didn’t exercise profit sharing Empower people to know that they have a vested interest in the final outcome.”


A mid $800’s salary with incentives that could reach $1million for Narduzzi would be a very aggressive move by Hollis and Dantonio and one that would send a major statement. I applaud them both for working diligently to avoid the pitfalls that have plagued Spartan football for so long, by taking one step forward and two steps back.


There has been major speculation among the fan base that Narduzzi could be given the proverbial, “Coach in Waiting,” title. Spartan Nation was the first to dispel that as not having any chance of happening.




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  1. Derek December 13, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    We finally have a solid staff of coaches who are LOYAL to MSU and not looking at this position as a stepping stone! The MSU administration better get this right or maybe they need to be looking for new jobs too!