Mark Dantonio has reminded Spartan Nation that the number seven in Biblical terms is representative of completion.  That is why Dantonio feels this being his seventh year at the helm of Spartan Football made a Rose Bowl trip even more fitting.

I sat down with Dantonio today for a Spartan Nation EXCLUSIVE one on one interview.  Of course part of the conversation had to do with Pat Narduzzi turning down the UCONN job to stay in East Lansing with Dantonio.

Dantonio was so loyal to Jim Tressel while serving as his DC, Coach Tressel almost had to kick him out of OSU in order to get Mark to take the Cincinnati job.

In another EXCLUSIVE Interview with Spartan Nation, Jim Tressel told us back in in 2007, “I needed Mark.  He was my right hand guy.  Mark is the best evaluator of talent that I had ever met and the best defensive mind in football, but he was ready to be the head coach.  He needed to make the next stop and that was being a head coach.  Not just anywhere, it had to be the right place and Cincinnati was.  I am sure he felt like I was kicking him out.  I was sad for Ohio State and Jim Tressel, but it was right for the Dantonio’s.”

Since we are using Biblical references I guess Narduzzi’s loyalty could be construed as Dantonio reaping what he sowed.  The UCONN job was the second head coaching job that Narduzzi has turned down, the other being Akron.  He also has turned down two other DC jobs at both Texas A&M and Tennessee.

In this Spartan Nation EXCLUSIVE conducted earlier today, I asked the Spartans head man what Narduzzi’s decision to remain on his staff has meant to him on a personally.

“It is a huge complement to our program and to our players as a whole.  Because it tells you that we are empowering people.  That he (Narduzzi) feels he is in a position of power.  It’s telling me that we have provided a great environment for him to work in and also for his family to grow in the community.  It’s telling me that the support is there from an administration standpoint for him to move forward financially.  So you know, it’s just a great feeling.” 

Dantonio went on to talk about not just Narduzzi, but the team of assistants and support staff that he has and the amazing job they have done top to bottom this year.  “Obviously you know how important our guys are.  Really, when I look across the scope of everything if I just said how did our wide receiver play Hondo?  How did our quarterbacks play?  How did our offensive line play?  How did our linebackers play?  How did our secondary play?  Three guys on all Big Ten.  How about our defensive line?  How did they play?  How about our defense as whole?  How about our offense and the play calling as it moved forward?  What did Jim Bollman bring to this game?  You look at every aspect of your program because that is what you do as the head coach but you also start looking at your assistant coaches.   There is a reason that we are where we are at and that is because out assistant coaches have all did a tremendous job and that includes the support personnel around them too.”

Spartan Nation has been working the phones hard and we encourage you to check back tonight as we have learned details about what Pat Narduzzi’s new deal to remain at MSU will look like from a financial picture.

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