BREAKING NEWS: MSU DC Pat Narduzzi was offered & turned downed the head coaching job at UCONN.  This report is from the popular website among college coaches and administrators called  CLICK HERE TO READ

Spartan Nation broke the news that two seasons ago Pat Narduzzi was courted and offered the DC job at both Texas A & M and Tennessee.  Now we learn that Narduzzi was offered on Tuesday the UCONN job and turned it down this morning.

Spartan Nation was able to verify the story first reported by Football Scoop.

Sources inside the UCONN athletic department told Spartan Nation that, “Pat (Narduzzi) met with Warde Manuel (UCONN AD) on Monday in Atlanta. He was very impressive. After he (Narduzzi) won the Broyles award on Tuesday, Manuel again contacted and asked Narduzzi and Donna (his wife) to meet him at a law office in Atlanta. Subsequently Pat was offered a five year deal on Tuesday night and earlier this morning turned the job down.”

Spartan Nation was the first to report three weeks ago that raises are coming to the MSU Football staff including head coach Mark Dantonio & DC/Asst Head Coach Pat Narduzzi. The entire MSU staff is underpaid based upon their production at MSU. Paying of football coaches has been a systemic problem at Michigan State and one that must be addressed and fixed for the Spartans to continue their current success under Mark Dantonio.

President Simon is telling donors who contact here expressing the desire to see the staff fairly compensated that, “Mark Hollis, Athletic Director shares your views and he will make sure to keep them happy here at MSU!”

There is a popular train of thought that MSU should name Narduzzi the proverbial coach in waiting. Spartan Nation also broke the story that there is ZERO chance of that happening. We support that position.

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for all the latest details inside MSU athletics.  Check back with Spartan Nation tonight.  We are working via sources inside the athletic offices and administration to get possible parameters of Narduzzi’s new deal.   

To be reminded of the kind of man, father and husband Narduzzi is take a moment and read this profile that we wrote about him in Spartan Nation Magazine back in 2011.

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