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Hondo, as a Spartan living in Ohio it was great to turn on the radio and here you talking MSU football.  I agree that this game rests on Cook.  Like you I also agree that he can do it.  Can’t wait for this game.  Pasadena here we come.  Tom

Thanks for the kind words Tom.  Connor can do it.  It is fair to point out his areas that need growth, but it is also fair to point out what he has done and will do.  He must step up the threat of mobility this week.

Hondo, I am a Wolverine who will be cheering for Spartan Nation this week.  I hate MSU, but I despise OSU.  Please make sure Coach Dantonio knows that he has, for one weekend, united the entire state.  Brian Sanchez

I think you and you just did.

Hondo, I would rather have rectal exam by Edward Scissorhands than admit this, but Go Green against the Bucknuts this Saturday.  Chester Lifelong UM fan in Saline.

Hondo, I am praying that MSU and OSU each have their buses break down on the way to the stadium.  Sad, miserable, and depressing day for the Wolverine Nation.  Reluctantly, I am pulling for Michigan State.  Roger

Hondo, I am rooting for the team that has Michigan in their name this weekend.  Sucks, but Urban Meyer is what is wrong in cfb and at least grudgingly you have to respect Dantonio.  Rachel

Hondo, I think that Dantonio is an old, curmudgeon that certainly could try to be likeable, but my hate for the Buckeyes is stronger than my contempt for little brother.  Enjoy your last year of significance.  Next year MSU football dies.  Chris Pontu

Hondo, as I listened to you call for Wolverines to email with their thoughts on the game one thing stood out to me.   If Urban wins, the Big Ten is changed forever.  I do not like MSU, but I respect MSU. I hate OSU and I don’t respect them.  Sandy

Hondo, as much as I hate OSU, Spartan Nation will make life hell if you win.  I can take the crap from the Buckeyes, but I have to live with and work with Sparties every day.  Go Bucks.  Mark

Hondo, I don’t care what you say or how many wolvie sisters join your Spartan train this week.  We are back and better than ever.  Spartan Nation stinks and Dantonio proved to be nothing less than too loyal nepotist afraid to be great when he hired Bollman.  Love Mark for what he did winning a title for us, but State is not great and OSU can’t lose.  You might as well not show up fat boy.  Ted

Hondo, this weekend Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde are going to make Maxi Pad Bullough and the fraud of a defense look like school girls.  Pat Narduzzi is a fraud, and MSU will be exposed.  OSU is back baby and we can’t be stopped.  FSU is next.  MSU and UM football suck like your rusted out old state.   Peter

Hondo, as a Buckeye I want to thank Mark Dantonio for hiring Jim Bollman.  He will once again prove that a team can’t win titles while he is on your staff.  Bridgett

So, how did OSU win so many?  MSU is thankful to have Coach Bollman.  He has had a MAJOR impact on MSU and they would NOT be here without him.

Hondo, reading your answers to football questions last week, loved it when you mentioned Dan Bass. Immediate flashback to my college days, covering the team for the State News. Loved the way he played. I hadn’t thought about that name in years. Outstanding player and person, and a Canadian Football League legend. The pride of Bath!  Enjoy your work very much. Great insight into programs for this West Coaster.  Mike Klocke

Thanks Mike.  Dan is the #1 most underrated player in MSU sports history. 


Hi Hondo, I enjoy your insights and agree with your opinions most of the time.  While this is just my opinion, I believe Brad Van Pelt would have started on the 1966 team.  How could a two time All American and the 72 Maxwell Award winner for the nation’s top player not be starting on that team?  Thanks, Terry Kiger Jacksonville, FL

Hi Terry.  As I stated with the question there were a lot of great players that didn’t make that list and I stand by Brad.  He was a creator.  He did an amazing job of seeing things and improvising.  On that particular team that would not have worked.  Great player.  GREAT!  Just not a fit on that particular team.  Don’t think of football as an individual sport because it isn’t.  I once had a long conversation with Bubba Smith about that very topic.  Bubba thought Brad was one of the best ever, but pointed out his style to me possibly not working with that group.


Hondo, I believe constant favoritism exhibited toward a couple BIG Ten schools with regard to penalties for dirty play and serious violations of sportsmanship can no longer be ignored. I hope Big Ten Presidents and AD’s now see the need to replace the League commissioner.  H.J. Butler

Hope is a good thing, but wasted here.  It has gone on (we have written a lot about it) for a long time.  Outside of schools not named, UM or OSU, I have had members of the athletic departments at ALL 10 other schools complain.  As long as Delany brings checks written for tens of millions to the schools, the Presidents will not care.


Hondo, I understand because of you educating us that it is the Presidents who allow Jim Delany to get away with what he does.  Why doesn’t Hollis speak up?  James

President Simon has occasionally spoken to Delany about things, but you really want or expect Hollis to publicly take a stand that backs his boss into a corner?  Don’t get me wrong.  I wish he would.  He carries far more political clout at MSU than the President, but he refuses to use it. 


There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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