Spartan Nation College Football Top 25

1. Florida State 12-0 U1

2. OSU 12-0 U1

3. Auburn 11-1 U2

4. Missouri 11-1 NC

5. Alabama 11-1 U4

6. MSU 11-1 U1

7. OK State 10-1 U1

8. Baylor 10-1 U1

9. S Carolina 10-2 U3

10. Stanford 10-2 U1

11. Clemson 10-2 D4

12. UCF 10-1 U2

13. LSU 9-3 U5

14. ASU 10-2 U5

15. Duke 10-2 U6

16. Oregon 10-2 NC

17. Louisville 10-1 NC

18. N ILL 12-0 D8

19. Oklahoma 9-2 U3

20. UCLA 9-3 U4

21. Notre Dame 8-4 U2

22. Wisconsin 9-3 D9

23. Fresno 10-1 D8

24. USC 9-4 D4

25. Texas A&M 8-4 NC

NC=No change in their ranking since the previous list.

U= Followed by a number tells you how many spots they have advanced upwards since the last list.

D=Followed by a number tells you how many spots they have fallen since the last list.

NR=Not rated on the last list.

DNP=Did not play this week.

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