Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails Post Michigan Edition…


Hondo, in your opinion, how big of a loss to the program will losing Coach Narduzzi be? Dan W

That would be a major loss.  Frankly, he is ready to be a head coach and should be.  His market rate (I know it isn’t popular in today’s America, but I remain a capitalist) is $1.5 million a year.  He is way under-paid.  I know that there are some inside the University that will do all they can to fight MSU paying that amount.  I also spoke with a trustee this week who wants to see the man paid that much and told he is the coach in waiting.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that Narduzzi will not get the coach in waiting title.  Dantonio has no plans to go anywhere, so would he get tired of waiting?  Would it keep him here longer at least?  Interesting questions that MSU must answer fast.


Hondo, if Pat Narduzzi were to leave MSU who do you think would be the next DC?  Carol

I believe Pat Narduzzi would try to take at least Harlon Barnett and Mike Tressel with him.  I have also said before that I would expect Dantonio to name them both “CO” coordinators in an attempt to keep them both.  Depending on the job, would MSU go cheap in paying CO DC, and would Pat’s job be able to pay enough to get one or both to go?


Hondo, Was this the same crew that whistled the game in 2011?  If so, I really feel that they are stand up men considering the circumstances.  While I feel they missed a few calls, I think the plays they saw they threw flags on fairly and consistently.  Also, love how they would get between the players to stop things from escalating rather than have yellow rain down on the field. Lance

Yes, it was.


Good morning Hondo.  I am a Michigan fan, but I greatly respect your opinion.  What did you think of Devin Gardner and his performance?  A lot on our side seem to blame him or Coach Hoke.  Any opinions?  Marcum

Hi Marcum!  I love this rivalry.  It is fun and intense.  Devin took a beating.  ANYONE questioning his heart either didn’t watch the game, or they are too stupid to have seen the beating he took and kept playing.  You can have fun with the game and the porous UM OL, but when you start making it personal that crosses a line to me.  Devin showed nothing but grit and toughness.  What more could he do when his OL couldn’t block anyone.  As far as Brady, he is on track to win 30 games in his first three years.  If any UM fan takes issue with that, I hear John L. Smith is looking for a job.


Hi Hondo, with an eye towards the future, can you talk about some young guys who don’t play much or at all now, but have been very impressive in practice? David Pierce

I will do one on defense and one on offense.  Demetrius Cooper was the #1 recruit overall in the nation for the 2013 class.  He was injured and fell of the radar.  All of this is well documented on Spartan Nation.  He has been a star.  He has already shown NFL talent and if he stays healthy I will be stunned if he is here for five years since he red shirted.  He is a star.  Damion Terry on offense is the real deal.  You may remember me telling you in the past how Tony Lippett did so well repping as Shoelaces on the scout team.  Well, Terry was so good that Spartans were coming off of the field on Saturday commenting how “People are in a lot of trouble, Damion was the real deal.”  Damion was a better Devin Gardner in practice against the MSU D than the real one was on Saturday.  I think the hype for Terry is INSANE, but he wowed his teammates last week.


Hondo, for those of us who don’t get the chance to cover MSU, do you have any inside information what it was like in the locker room?  Stephen

I sure do.  As Dantonio talked to the team and they took a moment for prayer, there were several players touched by the open tears from their coach.  Dantonio didn’t hide the raw emotion as those tears streamed down his face.  One player said, “It made me cry realizing how much this game meant to him, and I was part of doing something for him that meant so much.  Coach wasn’t crying for him, I think we all just realized how big this was for our team, our fans, this state and Spartan Nation as a whole.”


Hondo, I know MSU had the combat uniforms.  Do you know if they have another alternate helmet or jersey?  Bryan

Yes.  They have another helmet (not the pro combat) as well as an alternate (non pro combat) home AND away jersey.


Hondo,  With State now having an elite defense as a known ‘brand’, does Dantonio desire to think about a change in philosophy somewhat to go with the national game direction (speed on the field and high scoring) and match it with an elite and exciting high octane offense to be able to compete with anyone in any conference anywhere? Would seem to help on recruiting, alumni and spectator attendance and bring a total and more complete focus on aiming for and achieving overall balance and top tier team performance. TJ

Great question.  He told us last season that he was looking for a QB who would be more creative.  I know they have been unhappy with Connor Cook for passing up some chances to run.  He can do it, and he has to.  I think MSU is moving in that direction, but they aren’t going fast.  It is a progressive transformation.


Hi Hondo.  How would you rate the play of our young DTs Damon Knox and Mark Scarpinato? The middle of our defensive line seems like the place where running plays go to die (Big props to Micajah Reynolds as well).  Thanks, Nathan

Great question.  I think Scarp and Knox have done well.  DT is not a spot that accumulates a ton of stats.  They are space eaters who create chaos for the offense.  Both of those young men are playing well and most importantly, both are getting better every week.


Hondo the time has come for MSU to be bold.  They need to fire Dantonio and name Pat Narduzzi the head coach.  We can’t let the next Nick Saban leave.  Nicholas

My dad used to say, “Better to be thought a fool, than open your mouth and prove it.”  In this case, better to be thought one, than push send on your keyboard.


Hondo, I read your article on Madre London referencing him announcing his commitment to the University of Michigan State in “Mateen Cleaves fashion”.  I’m wondering exactly what that means?  To an outside observer, it almost appears insulting because they are committing to a school that they don’t even know the actual name.  I also recall the same thing when the new Punter for 2014 announce on his Twitter the same way. Are they trying to be cute about it, or do they simply just not know its Michigan State University (MSU). Thanks David

They are being kids.  Relax.


There you go everyone.  That is this week’s question and answer article.  If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A

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