Expectations and excitement were high as the Michigan State University men’s basketball team revealed themselves to the fans at Michigan State Madness. Coming into the season the team is ranked number 1 or 2 depending on which preseason poll you choose to follow. In the Spartan Nation, when it comes to basketball we care about the one at the end of the year. 

After just a brief glimpse of the team it is easy to see why expectations are so high, this team is stacked with talent and they are led by a future Hall of Fame coach, Tom Izzo. After witnessing the fans pack the Breslin and go wild for their team, it is clear that most Spartan fans believe this season will be special.

Many basketball programs host a Madness event similar to the one Michigan State held Friday, but the Spartans are trend setters when it comes to hosting an exciting and eventful Madness. This year’s event verified that Michigan State University puts on the best introduction to the basketball season. Over the years fans have seen a variety of spectacular entrances by coach Izzo, once again the coach did not disappoint as he entered the Breslin by being shot out of a cannon. Ok, he wasn’t really shot out of a cannon, Jennifer from the dance team was. Regardless the buildup was very well done.
Before Izzo made his grand entrance thousands of fans lined up outside the Breslin waiting for the doors to open so they could get a picture or autograph of their favorite Spartan player. It is interesting watching the player introductions and hearing which player gets the loudest reception, I use it is a way to gauge which player is the fan favorite. This year there was no one standout player. Almost every player received a great reception from the crowd. To me this reflects the amount of studs that are on this year’s roster.
Michigan State Madness is a rare opportunity for the fans to show their “love” and thanks for coach Izzo’s staff .The crowd provided a nice round of applause for the assistants as they were introduced .Not many people see how much time and effort the assistant coaches put in to help the program maintain its elite status. Coach Fife is ALWAYS in his office grinding or on the road recruiting, the man is giving his all to help bring home another national championship. Michigan State Madness is a rare opportunity for the fans to show their “love” and thanks to coach Izzo’s staff and the fans made sure the assistants knew they were appreciated.
For as exciting and fun the night was, many fans are craving a marque win on the national stage before the Big Ten season kicks off, hint, hint a win over Kentucky. After that the majority of fans in attendance are expecting at least a trip to the Final Four. With the talent on this squad the expectation should not be a Final Four, it should be a national championship.  It is time for the program to take the next step, which means coach Izzo’s second national championship. Tonight was a great introduction to the season; let’s just hope the season ends in just as spectacular fashion, with the Spartans watching highlights of their championship run during One Shining Moment.

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  1. Steve Williford October 20, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    One side note. Jennifer was not from the dance team. In the middle of the madness I made a mistake because of her outfit. I think it was a mistake many of us made there.

  2. Aaron November 21, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

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